I know this may be a bit premature seeing as it’s Mid-February and I only set goals a month ago, but it feels as though time has passed quickly and I’m losing check of myself already! January and the beginning of February were a bit mad and stressful, and I didn’t feel I could do what I wanted (then again, both those months are grey and blah and if you go outside, you mad bro) so with hibernation season seemingly over, I wanted to recap and see how I can make the best shiz happen over the next 6 months.

The idea of a deadline really gets you into motion, and already I’ve seen a shift in how I’m using my time, but I want to make sure I’m keeping my goals for the year in mind and feel happy with how I’m progressing – 6 months can fly, and I always find that once March is over, it’s pretty much speed x8 until November and then hey Christmas! If you’re needing a kick up the butt yourself, take note from a few of my own aims for the next 6 months…

Work around and on my tiredness
I’m going to get a bit psychological now – through various tests (all online, cough) I’ve worked out my personality and my introverted habits, and researched into all the whats and whys but more importantly the hows when making the most of my energy resources. ‘According to recent studies’ introverts have very active RAS aka reticular activating system which means you stimulate brainwork and active social energy continuously and entering into situations where you have to be more social can drain you, and coupled with my ‘oh do people like me? Am I oversharing? What other worries do I have? Oh I’ll just be quiet’ I’m usually ready for a nap and some chocolate by 3pm.

So how does this relate? Well, I’m attempting to manage ‘doing fun shiz’ with ‘feeling balanced and zazzed’ as much as possible; after an event in London last week (in which I left at 11 and got home at 8:30) I felt surprisingly perky – granted I dipped a little inbetween but after a nice vegan burger in GBK I was more than restored to full health 😉 It all comes down to a little bit of planning and time management, which leads me too…

See people!
I’m pretty chuffed in that I already have 3 dates in the diary to meet up with peeps, but I know there’s more to do – I want to see people to catch up, and to also do fun creative things, and I want to go visit others and have them visit me! The most part is me feeling scared asking, but the worst is someone says ‘nah mate’ so I’ma keep sliding in those DMs for now.

• Confidence driving on the motorway
Again, this is mostly all linked; I know I can drive on a motorway as I drove to Devon twice when I first passed my test, but now when I see an M sign I freak a little. It has put me off visiting a lot of people and going to new places, but after driving a lot the past week, it doesn’t seem so bad or scary. Just whip me up a motivational CD (yep I still only have a CD player in my car) over a few test trips and I’ll hopefully be driving places in no time!

Save up for that studio equipment
I’ve always loved having a range of equipment, and watching various people’s content inspires me to achieve a similar quality or better myself to provide cooler services and produce creative things, and let me tell you my dream equipment list is looonngggg but I want to keep on saving and working to tick a few items off that list.

Stick to the fuck budget
When I’m feeling lack and all loss of motivation, I like to read over my fuck budget – it’s funny, and it reinspires me. Some noteworthy budgets include me time, jumpers, time to create, bread (obvs), feminisim, taking photos, feeling good, and exploring things I’m interested in. About time I started knitting I think…

• Achieve something big work-wise
Reading this post back, I noticed a lack of work/blogging goals and whilst I made a concious decision not to have any number or level-unlocking resolutions, I do still want to grow and achieve great things. Whether it’s my photography business growing, my blog reaching more people or working with amazing people and having recognition, it would be awesome to set the wheels in motion during the next few months.

There’s definitely still a few things on my 2017 goals list I have time to work on – dermatologist sessions are something I really need to look into, as well as booking in a few events and not talking myself out of commitment. Mostly, I really want to get started on a project be it a personal one or planning workshops, but I also want to up my photography business game in general – hint hint if you’re based in London/Surrey/Brighton and need photos, get in touch!

Here’s to time slowing down a bit, some deserved chill time, and the next 6 months – now someone pass me the knitting needles whilst I plan to see every single person I know asap…


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