I’ve had one of those week *cough, fortnightly* long stints of unproductivity, where I look at everything I’m doing and think ‘ugh’ and decide to watch Netflix instead. Usually I’m able to snap out of it but this time I thought, you know what, it’s okay to feel bored and allow spare time for myself instead of planning a million things in my head. I watched the whole series of Stranger Things twice and started Fresh Prince and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, found the jeans I’ve been oogling after on sale with discount on top, baked cookies and ~went outside~ not groundbreaking but I spent a proper Saturday shopping in town which is rare let me tell you.

We all go through this, and in the midst of it all you feel frustrated that you’re not utilising the freedom, either to work or have fun, and sometimes it helps inspire clarity and new inspiration for things – this time however there was more of a negative tinge: I looked back over my blog and hated my photos from the past year, I looked at my analytics and got confused and worried, I thought about work and panicked at how I was going to make it grow and go further.

God even writing that is making me eyeroll at how much I worry sometimes – puts another episode of Stranger Things on.

I found the best way to tackle the productivity problem was taking each little ‘issue’ one at a time – I’ve got a post planned for one of my tackling methods, but mainly I focused on turning each thing into a doing action and made something happen from it – how’s about those photo issues? For me it was I disliked my backdrops and how haphazzard they looked; I find it hard to make things look candid and like clean styling, so with a very clear idea in mind I went and spent dolla on decent backdrops, and it’s incredible how a little switch changes everything; things feels a bit more swish and profesh in an attainable way, and even though I feel I need XYZ to make it better, for now I know I can do one bit of change at a time to get back into the rhythm of it all.

If you’re feeling the struggle of unproductive days too, here’s a little list of things I tired that maybe you can do to feel better about how you spend your free time/boredom:

• Clean up – I know, this probably feels like the last thing you’d want to do, but tidy mind and all. I find all my frustration and conflict disappears after I wipe a few surfaces and dust my drawers, and to be honest, my unproductive week may have been over quicker if I’d done this first. Maybe next time I’ll clean the bathroom and get inspiration for a novel or something.

• Accept it – if you’re forcing yourself to try and do work or think of something, anything, stop. On a really sunny day I felt I should be taking photos but really I wanted to watch Netflix – god damn it why is Stranger Things so addictive?! – and as Justin Timberlake said, can’t stop the feeling. Get it out your system and and enjoy whatever it is you’re craving. Something might slip through.

• Offer it up – do you have family or friends who always ask you to do stuff but you prioritise work over it? Use this time to do the little things that bring bonds back together – suggest watching a movie together, baking some cookies, or going to the shops together. I know that these little things make people happy and in turn, because the idea of productive work is off the table, you’re happy too because it’s technically new and something fun, and usually all the excitement tires you out and you’re ready to get back to norm – or a better norm 😉

One last thing before signing off on unproductivity, I’ve felt connecting with other creative people and bloggers will be a big help and spent yesterday in London at #YouCanSitWithUsLDN so here’s to getting back into an even better pattern of work! I’ll let you know how it goes…wish my little worrying self luck! (p.s. it was great, I had lots of fun, and everyone is lovely – squwee!)


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