I’ve gone through so many versions of this post, both in my head and on paper, and I still don’t know what the heck I want to write. I’ve made all the excuses – ‘I’m too hungry to concentrate I’ll go eat a pot of houmous first’, ‘this chair isn’t comfy, I can’t possibly write here I’ll do something else’ or ‘OOOH a new 80’s playlist let me imagine myself living my best life at a karaoke bar’ but I just need to get this feeling out of my brain.

Cool, so, I wrote this big ass post about 10 minutes ago and it’s taken me hours to write because I really hated it, like really hated it because it was moany and borderline pleading for help if I’m honest, and I’ve nothing against asking for help, but I am against the tiny seed of worry that’s been slowly gaining cell space inside me and making me feel super crap recently.

Remember the blog post I wrote about lacking productivity? That still feels relevent, and it’s been forever, and I’m kinda done with feeling like that so I’ve been taking some fair liberties with trying to address what’s up and making myself see things in a positivie light again.

The main issue is my blog habits. Man I feel on a real roll right now writing this and that’s when I know this feels right – my blog habits have sucked recently (and that’s all I’m going to say on the matter now because we are not letting sucky nonsense take pride of place today) and I’ve been trying to work out what I can do to make it better. I’ve been really enjoying Hannah’s content recently, specifically this post on changing her content style and it’s what kicked me into deleting the last version of this. I need to make some changes, and asap.

Going back through my blog – even if it makes me cringe.

In my head I’d decided my content up until January was a bit blah, but in revision it wasn’t – it was just so easy and basic to write I simply did it, even if it wasn’t some super cool review of a lipstick or was all very product sample based and not authentically me, I could churn out anything. I think that’s been a big weighted factor on my mind – how to be authentic in myself and my writing yet make somehting out of nothing without it becoming an essay. I think the factor here is overthinking. Even though my photography could be better (hell it IS better, I know I’m good) in my previous posts, that doesn’t detract from what I’ve done as it got me here, and can hopefully give me a kick up the bum into writing a product review without having a personal crisis over ‘how do I describe this shade of pink?!’

List everything, because lists are the gateway to the soul. Or something.

One bad blog habit I’ve had is opening up a post and staring at it for hours, before giving up and then writing some half-hearted paragraphs late at night. Call me crazy, but somehow writing my post in list form on paper before typing it up gives my brain some sort of direct brain dump in contrast to going straight to the keyboard. It almost helps me distinguish what I want to say, what isn’t needed, and what genuinely is too much waffle. I’m looking at a list for this post right now (one of three lists for this post) and 3/4 of it isn’t needed, it doesn’t need to be said, but getting it out of my head makes me feel better about writing it all down and working on things in the future. Like writing shorter snappier posts, hopefully.

Follow your cravings. Even if it’s hummus. Or houmous. Or hummous.

Something that comes up a lot when I try to reason with myself is ‘I’m craving to do this, I’m craving to try that, I’m craving some damn pittas rn’ and that’s what I need to impliment into my blog habits – doing what I crave. Such things include fashion posts (I know, who am I? Who have I become?), ‘doing me’, chatting to other people, trying new things (especially knitting) and I crave being around people who want to chat and do interesting things. Basically, I want it to feel easy and fun and still be enjoyable work, always.

Before I try to write some sort of summary paragraph about what I learnt today, I’m going to leave you loves whilst I’m happy with this post and close up shop for the weekend, because when all’s said and done, there’s a pot of houmous calling my name and that’s what I’m craving in life right now…


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