Give me the choice between wearing makeup or slathering on skincare, you’ll probably find me sticking with skincare. Yes I love wearing a full face (because who doesn’t want that even skin tone and long lashes) but I really love the feeling of a freshly cleansed skin pimped out with hydration.

Since December I’ve been switching over to more cruelty free brands and keeping my routine consistently small, and with a pretty soft and happy face to show for it, I want to give you the details on all the good stuff for you to try (or pop on your ever growing skincare wishlist, don’t deny it, we all have one…)

Oskia Reneissance Cleansing Gel

I’ve actually just finished another bottle of this glorious cleanser, but thankfully I had a backup ready to go 😉 Firstly, Oskia as a brand aren’t certified cruelty free, but they do not test on animals by way of ingredients or suppliers, so this for me is good enough to label them cruelty free until official certification. Everyone knows how darn good the cleanser is, even I’ve raved enough about it, but I’ll summarise it one more time: the balance of oil and gel formula makes it a dream to work into your skin, removing all impurities and helping to buff away dead skin cells, and if I had to (off the top of my head) I would solely use this and Emma Hardie to cleanse my skin every day.

Harbour Elements Truly Gentle Cleansing Balm

I usually like to try products out for a long period of time before featuring, but since switching to the Gentle Cleaning Balm* I’ve noticed such a difference in how my makeup comes off – aka less scrubbing more time saving. Harbour Elements again are plant-based, vegan, and cruelty free (again, not certified but on their way!) and the cleanser honestly rocks – whilst I love Oskia, I would use it more as a second or solo cleanse, but this honestly gets off nearly all of my makeup in one swoop, which is fab as some cleanser combos have lead to three cleanses to feel super clean. There’s no fragrance, all natural ingredients, and can be applied dry or with damp fingers to break it down into more of a milky texture that is gloriously gentle on the skin. Only a few weeks in, and I’m super impressed!

S5 Calm Serum

Something I have been trying for a long while now is S5 Calm serum* and I’ve been using this more as a night time restorative product; the treatment targets mainly redness and easily reactive skin, and the use of Marine Bioactives and Desert Glycoproteins help reduce persistent flare ups and hydration by 20 and 30% respectively. Personally, I’ve found it very softening and calming – my hydration has improved but I couldn’t apply this as my only source of hydration in a routine hence the oils and moisturiser as it’s not quite enough. That being said, it smells delightful and would agree that it plumps the skin cells, enough to keep my skin renewing all night long (all night, all night)

Oskia Restoration Oil

I bloody love an oil, it helps my skin calm down on it’s own oil production and does my skin the world of glowing good, and if it has extra spot calming magic then I love it even more! A more milder day version of my beloved Luna, Oskia’s Restoration Oil* helps firm and heal the skin whilst improving radiance and overall skin tone, and I have to say it works so well; it’s a drier oil in comparison to Luna, but has less retinols and more oils including Evening Primrose and Tumeric, plus the most gorgeous Terry’s Chocolate Orange scent besides the chocolate itself. If that’s not enough to tempt you, well…

Aurelia Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser

For ages I didn’t use moisturiser as I thought oil was enough, but after realising it does the duty of sealing everything in and keeping skin smooth, I had to find something balanced enough for my varied skin; enter, Aurelia – we have a lot of Aurelia in our house, my mum a particularly big fan of the brand (however I did steal her cleansing cream a few times in winter and MAN it smells good and does the job) and gave me the Day Moisturiser to try, and it has worked so well despite being heavy in ingredients. Usually shea butter can be quite thick and clogging on my skin but this is balances enough with oils and aloe that it glides across the skin beautifully before makeup. This does contain milk protein so not vegan unfortunately, but the whole range is cruelty free so a good one to have your list otherwise!

Are you more of a skincare lover? What are your favourite cruelty free brands? Which step in your routine is your favourite?


Some products in this post may have been sent for review or gifted, and will be marked with a * or c/o. All opinions are mine are not influenced by brands or companies. Please see my full disclaimer for more.

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