I’m the least likely of people to spontaneously pack up for a few days, but last week, that’s exactly what I did – throwing my non-existent plans out the window and heading across to the Kent coast for two days of exploring and sea air.

It wasn’t exactly a switch-off holiday, but I used it mainly as a chance to 1. get away and explore new places and 2. take photos purely for my self enjoyment. I’ve always loved taking photos of the beach and the people around it, ever since I was studying – it’s those moments where you capture someone’s life and day, see a dog in it’s element or watch how the sky meets the sea and the lines blur together (if you’re not singing Blurred Lines now, chances are, you will be. Soz.)

I did briefly stop off in Canterbury beforehand, only to sample the deliciousness of Kitch Cafe which does some incredible vegan brunch – I went for pancakes, because there’s not many chances for me to eat vegan pancakes that are actually decent, and they were perfectly balanced between sweet and devourable.

Now I’m going to keep this short and sweet, purely because I think the photos do more justice than words, but I do have some recommendations…

Whistable Beach is lovely and moody, perfect for pictures and even more perfectly lined with pastel and brightly coloured houses that remind me of San Francisco. There are lines and line of oysters which is the main pull to the town, but it’s nice to walk along the coast and get that fresh air.

For your stationery needs, Harbour Books has the usual books and pens on offer, but I really loved the wall of art books on offer and Gemma Correll illustrations – a good browse, makes you want to buy a lot of pens and greeting cards.

A bit of an odd one, but Staines Farm Shop was packed with so much fresh produce, and possibly the biggest lemons outside of Sorrento. Pick up one big ass sweet potato and get your carb on for dinner.

I went to Margate with good intentions, hopeful to walk around Dreamland and scout out some vintage, but sadly the former was closed and I only managed to find one or two shops I kinda liked in the amount of time we had.

Firstly, a vegan cafe find! Vegan Victory Cakes is tucked away off Old Town, and is cute and quaint. Rather than have a cake I opted for vegan tuna bagels which, hand on heart, the best childhood throwback minus the fishy taste – I used to eat tuna every day, so this was a real treat, and even better that it was all vegan friendly.

If you’re a fan of art and home design, then Maxine Sutton is a lovely studio/shop filled with chairs, pillows, and the like. I really like the use of colour and line in each piece, and honestly if I was decorating a whole house I’d be going mad for a couple of the lamps 😉

With my lungs fully loaded with sea air, I’m happy to slip back into my non-existant spontenaity for a little while – just get me a cute pastel beachside house for the weekends…


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