When I need a bit of escapism or rebalancing, I tend to hide away and plug myself into Spotify for an hour or so to feel myself again. I’ve done this for years, and if I don’t have some part of the day to myself, listening to an album on repeat or imagining scenarios to soundtracks, I get a bit cranky to say the least.

I like that time to myself, the private mix of thoughts and feelings in my head that help reset my mood and get me ready for the day – I also get very distracted when working pretending I’m in some sort of rap battle, but swings and roundabouts.

Music is also great to reflect a mood and optentially heal it and I’ve defintely had the same songs on repeat which all reflect how I’m feeling and thinking as of late. Firstly, I’m going to cheat and use one of my six song positions for an album however it’s a sensational album – Solange ‘A Seat At The Table’. I’ll admit, I’m late to the party on this one but it’s beautiful, poetic, artistic and touches on many important issues in society. I was listening to Rise whilst looking up comverage of the Women’s March and it was very fitting, as is Don’t Touch My Hair when it comes to cultural appropriation and respect. I feel this album was my real ‘wow, okay, we need to be serious now’ awakening to issues, and I implore everyone to listen to it.

I also only just caught up with Childish Gambino’s ‘Awaken My Love’ and that too is fantatsic production, but ‘Redbone’ is the one track that keeps bringing me back – the lyrics ‘now stay woke…they gon’ find you, gon’ catch you sleeping’ particularly, especially with staying aware to issues and news right now, they really captured my attention and the album as a whole is a clever funky blend of old and new tones with current social issues and focus. You could easily get swept away by the beat, but the lyrics hang around long enough to keep you thinking.

Possibly my favourite new band discovery of the last few months has been Kero Kero Bonito and their album Bonito Gneration is a fabulous blend of J-pop and alternative sounds. There a many many songs I love off the album, however ‘Break’ has been my go-to bopping song – I blast it in the car on the way to work and am still trying to master the Japanese verses, but it’s fun and relatable and feel-good when you don’t feel so good yourself.

I think social issues have been on the mind, as M.I.A’s ‘Borders’ is another track I find on repeat a lot – the verses focus both on social media and current affairs, it’s also a great singing in the car track. My favourite lines are when M.I.A asks what’s up with the importance of ‘being bae/slaying it/breaking internet’ – #blackmirrorwaitingtohappen.

Possibly the happiest, sunniest song on the list, La La Land’s ‘Another Day of Sun’ has got me wishing I was in a musical/Emma Stone every day since watching La La Land – I loved the film, I wasn’t emotional at it, but it was beautifully filmed and produced, and I loved the modern/realism spin on it. But this is about the song, and the opening dance sequence was too good I keep reimagining it as me at a party doing some swish tap moves and leg kicks – I can dream right?

Finally, something a little kickass – Beyonce ‘Sorry’. Even though the song is realistically about a crap time in your life, it has that inner strength and determination to come out stronger with your head held high. If Beyoncé isn’t taking that crap, then you shouldn’t either right?

Now as prize for finishing a post, I’m going to listen to La La Land on repeat – I suggest you join e and get your morning going to a fab start 😉


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