You know that really awesome feeling when you go for a back massage and all the knots are pummled out of you and you feel like a loosey goosey? Yeah, that’s the best; in fact I could do with a good back clicking and shoulder rub myself, but one area I neglect most is my face, and until you’ve given your cheeks a proper massage you forget just how tense the muscles get from talking, smiling, and definitely from holding stress trying to write when the words aren’t coming…

My jade roller had been gathering dust for a while and even when I did use it, I was only rolling quickly to stimulate some lymph movement, but after visiting Emma at her treatment rooms in London for a Reflexology facial (specifically the Zone Face Lift) I’ve had a renewed love affair with this little relaxing device and have felt a lot more elasticity and vitality in my skin since! The facial itself is to encourage tone and firmness to the skin, aimed more at mature skin as a non-surgical face lift, but even for my skin it helped clear blockages, relax the muscles and honestly, sent me into a revitalising sleep I was in dire need of.

Some of the techniques within the Zone Face Life facial are super easy to replicate at home, and they do make getting out of bed a little easier – for example, in the diagram below where there’s a white highlighted area, applying pressure and massaging under the muscle helps clear the liver which causes a build up of toxins, leading to anything including spots – yep, I’ve seen a noticeable difference since working out the blocks in my cheeks! 

Also, those green vertical lines and rainbow dots around the eyebrow? Perfect for relieving tension in the head and brain – you’d be surprised how sensitive your eyebrows get when you’ve had little or broken sleep, you can really feel it, and a little applied pressure every day just eases it out – moving your fingerd downwards where the lines are promotes lymphatic drainage, and a little pinch or pressure on the brow points helps boost collagen and relieve tension. Something I also like is using the knuckles of your fore and middle finger to rub across the forehead will relieve any morning sleepiness and yawns that are telling you you can’t be awake at this hour, and gets your energy flowing again!

Additionally, I like to take the space between my knuckles and work in upward motions from my chin to my cheekbones as the former is renound as being the parallel to your butt, basically holding all the waste toxins (like those chin spots that won’t gtfo) so by massaging it up to the lymphatic drainage points you can steer it away from the face and allow the lymph to deal with it properly 😉 Plus it makes your face muscles feel all kinds of soft and relaxed so huge bonus yeah?

And to keep your skin looking firm and glowing and basically ‘living’ all day long, I really recommend taking your fave oil cleanser in both palms and alternating firm upwards strokes with each hand to improve circulation and really work both the product and your inner glow – honestly, your cheeks will thank you!

I’ve basically talked myself into a relaxed state just writing this up, so I’m going to go give my skin some overdue loving – I suggest you do the same, I can hear that weekend pamper session calling…


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