I was going to use a rather ~low quality~ iPhone snap as the main eye-catcher for this post, but luckily I found something a lot more blog friendly and (I guess) relevant also to what I wanted to chat about – blog problems amiright?

Before I jump in, I wanted to say that recently it’s felt I’ve done nothing but also everything at the same time (hence why a re-use of some old/iPhone photos) – I’ve been working on a stop motion video for my channel which was meant to be a creative project to take under a week yet has stretched a wee bit longer (but I’m really in love with it and want to get it up soon), and I’m also filled up on life stuff that despite having Zoe stay at mine the last week, we’ve both either been stuck on our laptops or watching a movie to escape real life for a bit. But that’s life sometimes and you’ve just got to make it work when you can.

Now back to the thought in hand (or brain) – things I want to learn from blogging. This isn’t one of those cliche posts, more the things I want to gain from blogging in terms of opportunity and knowledge, the doors it can open to discover and learn about new things or how to be better at more advanced know-how. Let’s call this my ‘checklist of purpose and content’, those instances of value I just want to have more of.

1. Explore the science behind skincare
I find often that we have press releases or launches where the product and brand is exciting, and we might understand the ingredients to an extent, but I want to see and understand everything that goes into making the product and why – I’d love to be taken around the labs of some of my favourite brands (especially the natural skincare ones) and see how they source, extract, mix and produce the magic formulas of their products, so that I could understand the product better and be able to inform others to a better extent why it’s awesome and works.

2. Creative collaboration and connection
I’ve mentioned this in a recent post, but I do think 2017 is the year of collaborative blogging and content – whether it’s paying for a photographer or working on a regular basis with a group of blogger friends to swap ideas and cameras or help go through analytics to push each other up, meeting up with people who get what you do or can help in a specific area will give you both some serious inspo and also do that really great thing of, yanno, helping others out and getting help in return 😉

3. How to multitask, or plan effectively
Over the last week or so I’ve lagged behind a lot but it’s only because I’ve spent time on animation for a video and misplaced time to shoot, but I look at those I work with and others around me and think ‘how do you at least 80% of the time seem to manage?’ – I’m not asking for 6am-11pm days, but I really want to knuckle down and work out how to manage time and use it to it’s maximum potential.

4. Make meaningful connections and lasting impressions
With bloggers, potential friends (potential friends, did I really just say that?!), PRs and clients, I’m always wondering whether someone would like me/like me enough to be like ‘hey, let’s keep talking’ but now that I’ve looked into my personality type more (not that I’m trying to get boxed in by a set type but it’s scarily accurate) and I do have layers of emotional protection that need to be peeled back by people who understand and trust each revelation, and to even allow people to get there is very hard. I do have a level of outwardsness, and sharing, and sometimes oversharing, but I would like to make more meaningful connections, have a relaxed approach to networking and talking, and feel happy that I really gave a person my time and that they felt welcomed by me.

5. Technical stuff (yes I wrote that as basic as it is on my list)
Coding, Lightroom, FCP, even more photography knowledge…I want to know it all. My level of techy nerdy understanding would be for a piece of equipment or software to be released and know off the bat what each specification meant. Wild, but impressive. Maybe if I get my timings right circa above, I’ll have some hours set aside to learn something…

6. How it works on all levels
I love hearing about how bloggers, brands and other industry outlets work – whether it’s my level of understanding, a more Instagram based creator’s experience or a big high flying PR brand who discusses what they look for and want to get on their side of the brief, I love hearing the ins and outs to make me more informed but also improve ‘my game’ and attitude to blogging and content.

7. Analytics and stats
This might go with Technical Stuff but I love seeing data – data was always my favourite part of math, and even the Instagram insights makes me all excited. True, I need to understand Google Analytics a bit more, but maybe mixing this all in with blog planning sessions, it’s a great way to understand audiences, business and how to improve organically with something concrete to refer to.

8. How to constantly produce something new, and utilise trends in a unique way
I’ve got the basics of inspiration nailed – step away, do something different, indulge in passions and BOOM ideas! – but making it eveolve naturally and keeping it fresh, eeeeeyeah sometimes I ponder. I do think that being surounded with good influence and encouragement helps massively, and also testing waters, but whether it’s fashion, culture, or photography, I want my blog to move naturally and progressively with trends whilst being true to who I am and evolving in and around me.

Now it’s 11:30pm and I have to be up early for work (that time management planning is coming along real swell), so here’s hoping I get some inspiration in my sleep – or you leave your own learning thoughts in the comments below! Here’s to learning, always.


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