aka why am I wearing so much pink recently?

I’ve been thinking about my wardrobe a lot recently, especially since I packed all my Christmas jumpers away and have been left with literally 5 items of clothing – gal needs to do some shopping. I’m a strong believer in a capsule wardrobe and only wearing colours and styles that suit me, and last year was truly the year of a blue wardrobe that every outfit variation was blue with a hint of grey or white. It’s cool though, I like a theme, you could even say it’s ‘on brand’ and most people know me now as ‘the girl who loves blue’, yet towards the end of the year I had this calling…for things that weren’t blue…mainly the colour…pink.

This isn’t some pink shaming post, but I will admit that for years I was adamant against wearing pink or red for that matter as it just didn’t suit my skin-tone; but the heart wants what it wants and since then I’ve made quite a few more colourful (and pink) additions to my wardrobe and even underwear choices – keep your filthy thoughts off my silky drawers 😉

I was interested in why I’d gravitated to other colour, given my very staunch approach, and just as with my newfound interest in personality and thinking more about self-confidence, I did a bit of research into the psychology of colour – I know that retailers use red signs for sales and promotions as it’s more eye-catching and makes us believe we’re getting more of a bargain than before – purely to see why I wore the colours I chose on specific days and what the new shades meant.

See, every day, I’m making conscious choices about colour – I start each morning looking at my drawer of coloured pens and ask ‘what colour represents me today?’ and it’s usually any shade bar yellow and olive, because I’m really not that kind of person, but even asking that question itself shows I’m identifying an approach to my day and how my mind is working. But back to the meaning behind colours – the 4 primary colours studied (red, blue, green and yellow) are representative of the mind, body, emotions and balance between them all, and each hue targets a difference mechanism and response in the brain.

Reds and pinks are physical colours, with red acting more as a stimulant, courage and excitement whilst pinks exuding warmth, nurture, and physical tranquility, yet both come with negative connotations (or more likely, ‘I’m wearing this colour to disguise an insecurity’) such as emasculation (srsly?), emotional claustrophobia, and aggression – I can admit that I’ve struggled expressing emotions, so maybe that’s the call for pink, to do it with colours and clothes when I can’t vocally.

The blues and greys? Calm, cool and serene vibes with a hint of neutral mentality, but I’ve noticed on days I’m stressed they reflect feelings of lack in energy and efficiency, confidence and emotion. It’s like I’ve had a year of being chill and relaxed, and now I need a bit of warmth in my life and now on days when I’m feeling overwhelmed I will gravitate to those cooler colours as it all feels a bit overwhelming to wear something eye-catching.

Everything I’ve done recently from card reading to this and personality tests, I feel has helped me understand myself more, and I guess it’s some sort of weird continuing new year transition where I’m trying to find my feet for what’s to come and how I want to be. But one thing is surely certain – with me running out of tops at an alarmingly fast rate, I’m going to be needing a heck load more clothes in my wardrobe…


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