Okay, I’m totally making this up – multi-planning; who has the time and why am I spreading my life across three different pieces of stationery?

Honestly, because my head has that many tabs open and I like to write both neatly and sprawling when clearing the thoughts from my brain, plus stationery is pretty and I love pens so making excuses here I am.

My current setup is a Rifle Paper Co. Agenda for listing important dates and meetings, an Ohh Deer x UO planner for listing my daily tasks and to-do lists (which is also undated so I don’t feel bad if I miss a day out and has a handy hour-by-hour segment along with the main goal for the day) and to really cut loose and get my ideas down, I have a thick lined notepad from Homesense which houses all my initial brainwaves for posts, videos and bulletpointed topics to cover in each post – just like this one, which makes writing a whole lot easier.

A new something in my life has been the Illustries Hello Time Planner, which honestly is the biggest ass planner I’ve ever seen, but is packed with unique and beautifully designed methods to plan your day/week/month/year more efficiently. It encourages you to do more than ‘just plan’ by keeping you inspired and allowing you to keep everything in one place whilst still keeping things organised into categories – for example, Hello Time is more than the average planner in that it gives you dedicated sections to sketch doodles (if you’re frequent to being on long calls, you’ll know what I mean about the doodles), produce the most detailed plan of action – there’s a double-page spread flow diagram that helps you breakdown the big idea into goals, resources, obstacles, strategy, details and successes, amazing for say someone who is trying to plan hosting some workshops at a point this year 😉

The whole layout is fun and interesting – from pages of motivational quotes in a pretty black, blush and white theme, a gridded page for goals to develop, habits to stop and let go of, and the best checklist with tick boxes you ever did see. With all the extras, it is bigger than your usual planner, and probably best suited to those all on the go and in creative jobs (it’s also quite pricey at £39), but it’s one beasty beauty and even if you don’t want to use it for your every day life, it’s perfect for a project or business – so maybe your dream blogging planner wishes have come true!

Is there a law against having four planners for day-to-day life? Asking for a friend who’s trying to justify multi-planning to society….


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