Oh man, I am so out of practise writing outfit posts – genuinely considering a quick Google to get inspiration, a topic, anything to spur some words to flow.

Let’s talk about fashion; whilst the writing side of this seems hard, I’ve actually loved picking up new pieces and finding new brands – this Lovely, Lonely jumper from He is honestly me right now,  I adore the uniqueness of each piece and equally more the ~cool vibez~ of every Instagirl I’ve seen wearing the brand.

There’s even been a few lookbook/fashion video ideas floating around in my head that I’d love to do and I’ve felt my creative potential has increased since the start of the year, but implicating it has felt so hard! What I’ve identified again is that blogging and creating can be incredibly lovely, but incredibly lonely – where I live is beautifully quiet, with space and lots of green, but not a lot of people I can relate to; it’s a journey into London or Brighton, which for someone who doesn’t exert a lot of energy and mental capacity for people on the regular, takes it out of me, so despite getting to see the people I want to, dealing with the vibe of trains and tubes and mass amounts of people makes me feel tired and depleated, knocking me for six.

I’ve wanted to make the most of opportunities this year to go and see people, to have a catch up and chat but also feel renewed in inspiration, proper idea spurning sessions and collaborative work where you feel understood and connected to a bigger thing; I’ve already had a mare trying to meet up with people already (thanks trains and snow) and it’s only building angst to go and have human contact with others whom have a fresh perspective on ideas, but for now I’m trying to focus on the solo work – developing inital ideas, doing things that make me happy, and trying to find ways to satisfy my time,

Jumper – He Official | Trousers – All Saints | Bag – Next* (similar) | Chelsea Boots – Next* (similar)

I’ll tell you one thing though, this little creative-interaction dry spell is making my shopping habits itch, just one or two or five online orders won’t hurt will they? I mean, I may just even get some inspiration, and equally treat my lonely (solo) self to something lovely…


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