If you’d have said a year ago ‘Lauren, you’re going to write a blog post about card readings and that you’re basing a year’s progress off them’ then I’d have shook my head at you and said ‘nah mate it’s just a bit of fun’, but too be honest it’s still a bit of fun now, it’s just more accurate fun.

Honestly, I never really got card reading until a few years ago; we’d always have some in the house and I would pick the ones I wanted because ‘they were pretty’ not because I really understood what they were meant for. It’s been more in the last year when I’ve hung out with Zoe that we’ve done readings as something fun to help clarify thoughts and worries – nothing specific like ‘will I marry Harry Styles?’, more ‘what do I need right now?’

It’s through doing it with friends that I feel card reading is a good way of clarifying and noticing traits and hopes you have – for example, we did several readings last weekend from ‘what is my word this year?’ to ‘what does my past and present show me?’ and a lot of them made us laugh because they were very true, but I think it’s because cards just highlight the things we’re looking for, whether it’s to reaffirm a thought or push you to do something you’ve been mulling over.

The main question I wanted answering was what 2017 held for me, and using a mix of three card packs (by the same creator, as suggested) I drew 4 cards from each deck to represent 12 months; I’m moderately surprised that none of them suggested travel or wealth, but what seems to be emotional balance and growth in myself, which I guess matches my desire of self love and care in my resolutions list. There’s also a strong theme of creativity, making changes and trying new things, which also matched with my word of the year – study (Ravenclaw’s unite), but what I do like is that the cards aren’t always literal – body movement could mean exercising more (ahem) but also physically moving your body and bodily possesions somewhere new; creative expression could be doing more with my work or simply trying knitting or illustration as a hobby – must make time for knitting this year.

Another thing to note, is that cards drawn upside down indicate a block, which is what made me laugh at December – it’s as if the cards are saying ‘you only asked for 2017, we’re not giving you any 2018 indicators mate’ but I did also get a block on soulmates so…

Even if you’re not ‘into’ card readings (heck I wasn’t for at least 20 years) they’re a good way at bringing up things you’re undecided on and making you think about them a bit more – need to cut a connection? Time for rest? Unresolved issues? Is wealth on it’s way? Whatever the question, I’ve found now in those moments when I can reach out for a chat with someone, and need unbiased clarification on uncertain worries, pulling a few cards out and asking questions out loud gives me the direction I need.

Now can the cards give me some direction of what to make for dinner because girl be hunnnnngry


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