Happy 2017 everyone! I hope you had a fab Christmas break and lovely New Year – I spent mine revelling in time off, boxsets of Car Share and Harry Potter, reading some fab books and um, riding out what I can only call The End of Work Year Detox cold.

I’d planned work up until last Saturday and honestly had nothing to fall back on until yesterday when I finally felt 99% again, but to be honest I really enjoyed feeling chill about the whole situation – I saw lots of people on social media the last few days saying they’d had enlightening ideas during their break and were back and ready to go, whilst I wanted another day of Christmas bread and chocolate batons diet and attempting to read a book without a head cold.

Rushing has never been something I enjoy, and I felt my 2017 resolutions post was a little rushed – there wasn’t time to re-edit it either as I was knee deep in sniffles and concentrating was the last thing on my mind – so to jog my brain back into blogging I spent some time refining what it was I really wanted to achieve this year and also a F**k Budget which did some good and was frankly hilarious to write.

1. See a dermatologist.

When I was invited to Eudelo last November, I had my first proper extraction facial and it was everything I wanted for years from a facial – my pores were clear for a week, a week! I’ve seen kits online but I feel it’s good routine to see a professional (and prevents me messing) and get my skin sorted out. As part of my Self Love goal, making sure my skin looks and feels good has a huge impact on my confidence so it’s deffo worth investing in!

2. Do things by myself.

Kinda ties in with my confidence goal, but I always panic about going somewhere alone and not knowing people I can talk to. There’s a few things I want to do this year and feel almost reliant on others going to justify going myself, so maybe I can just get over that? Thanks.

3. Book and commit to things.

How many times have you wishy-washily said ‘oh I’d like to go to that’ and then never do anything about it? I’d need at least 10 hands. As I said, there’s a few things I’d like to go and do, so I’m going to try and make them happen.

4. F**k Budget.

Maybe I should just say fuck? I’m still not used to typing fuck out. Fuck. Fuck Fuck Fuck. It’s just a fucking word lol. Anyway, I forgot about Fuck Budgets even though The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck is a fave book of mine, but I’ve spent writing mine out for life and work (complete with counter DGAF points) and it makes me feel a lot clearer on my ideas and thoughts. Complete with my vision for the upcoming year, I think it makes 2017 look v. promising.

5. Explore things I’m interested in.

When children are little, parents are encouraged to take note of things they find interesting to see how quickly a child prodigy/future Olympian they’ll become. I’ve no idea what my thing was, but I do know that I’ve developed a habit for not seeing things through outside of solidified hobbies and work. I’ve really been interested in knitting recently and getting back into gaming, and also in watching classic Studio Ghibli anime, so I’m going to try and attempt each in a manageable (aka don’t go hardcore and give up) fashion and expand my hobbiest horizons!

6. Bring in more colour.

I’m a hardcore blue girl, you know that by now, but recently I’ve been feeling experimental and wearing a few pink/raspberry toned things – basically colours I don’t usually allow myself to adorn daily. It’s given my wardrobe a little refresh and I feel this year might be more experimental than usual.

7. Stand up for myself more.

From my Fuck Budget, I highlighted that there were more opportunities for me to stand my ground more and not feel afraid of speaking up. I too often worry about other people’s thoughts, but I don’t want it to hold me back anymore.

8. Enjoy the process of planning.

I really want to hone my time-management this year, and I have three planners this year to make this possible! There’s my Rifle Paper Co. Agenda which is the ‘pretty’ planner for just listing dates and appointments, Ohh Deer x UO Marble Planner for daily activities that get broken down into time, to-do list and objectives (great for work!) and finally this pretty Marks and Spencer Illustrated Cities Calendar I got in the sale – this is better for an overview of the month, popping down when the bins go out and when I’ll be out. You know, adult stuff. I love the whole new year new planner vibe, and with lots of new pens for Christmas also, filling in my lists and dates has been colourful and fun! (Am I a child?)

9. Take time to create aka don’t worry, be happy aka chill.

I’ve gotten better at feeling okay with myself if I miss an upload or post, so I’d like to do one better and if I have an idea that takes up time and means compromising filler, use that time to focus the creativity and make the idea as high quality as I can rather than rushing it in a small time-frame.

10. Start a project.

I mentioned in my previous resolutions post I wanted to do more photography and I’d like to start doing some self-portraiture work, quite wacky and crazy with editorial tones. Just a way to express myself and build my skills like I used to back in college – maybe I’ll end up buying wigs again…

There are other specific goals I want to focus on alongside the original ones I mentioned – exercise is still priority, but to break it down I want better up arm strength plus defined arms, waist and butt. I also want to solidify relationships and keep interest in world news, but staying honest with goals I’ve thought about more hopefully means I’ll be seeing them through in 2017. I also wanted to shout out to Helen’s monthly goal idea, I think having a goal per month like drinking more water or aiming to do a push up is so good, and makes it all less overwhelming – might try it myself 😉

Now that’s all sorted, it’s back to the list making – I’ve have got three sets of planners to keep on top of now…


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