I really love decluttering my beauty stash (see this post) and with some spare time this Christmas to spend cleaning – yep that was my idea of fun this Christmas – I decided to yet again tackle my beauty drawer. I’ve always felt I had too much makeup for my face at one time, and I’ve started to become more concious of what is on my skin, so killing two birds with one stone I thought ‘why not keep only things that are cruelty free?’

There have been plenty of articles on why CF and more natural based makeup is great for the skin, and to be honest even if the products aren’t all natural there’s no reason they can’t be tested fairly i.e not on animals or living creatures. It has been proven that better resutls come from (consenting) humans and synthetic materials so, why not encourage the industry to move into cruelty free testing by taking a proper stand – with your money.

I’ll be honest, I’m surprised at how many brands are cruelty free/vegan and I did find a few bits in my stash that I’ve already swtiched to – for foundation I found a tube of Oxygenetix Acne Foundation* that I got at a dermatologist event which has a high amount of coverage for one layer and allows skin to breathe (I do wish it was a little more hydrating in formula but you can always add an illuminator, and it is also a little pricey). Concealer and contour was also covered as Zoeva is another fab CF brand and whilst thier parent company does test on animals, Urban Decay has a no animal testing policy so I’m still all over NAKED Skin Concealer!

Brows and eyes are no problem either – Anastasia Beverly Hills is all cruelty free so you can have even better brows knowing it’s all from a good place, and the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks are also perfect should you need a sparkly eye or low-key shimmer. Already with a cult following, a lot of Kat Von D’s range is vegan as well as CF, and I’m so in love with the Tattoo Liner that I’m considering emergency backups and replacing other lipsticks I have with the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks when they run out! Speaking of lipsticks, NYX‘s whole line is CF so if you haven’t tried Liquid Suede or their Green Correcter (life saving for spots and redness) then go before I out-buy you.

With all this decluttering, it has inspired a little cruelty free wishlist of things to stock up and try once I’ve used up my current stash; the Zoeva Nude Spectrum and Caramel Melange Eyeshadow Palettes are on my ‘to try’ list along with a few brushes, and there’s a few foundation picks I’m researching into – quite a few of my Korean beauty products are cruelty free, but I’d eyeing up formulas from Laura Mercier, Charlotte Tilbury and Becca so if you’ve tried any let me know! Also, Hourglass and Becca as I mentioned are cruetly free soo…I’m sensing a shimmering skin purchase at some point 😉

If you’re considering a cruelty free spin on your beauty stash, then I’d recommend this post on which brands support cruelty free and if you have been using cruelty free/vegan products for a while the please leave suggestions down below as I’d love to know more!

I’m itching to place a Cult Beauty order now, somebody stop me. Maybe…


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