I’ve had this overwhelming feeling that 2017 is a year where people come together and support each other in new ways, and I’ve seen it pick up pace already – bloggers coming together for planning sessions and helping out with content, monthly meetings to help push one another further, heck even bloggers making jobs be it on the side or from their work.

One other thing I’ve picked up on also is people calling for more support and teamwork – whether that’s in the literal sense of having a team to support you on things, or helping out a fellow blogger/creator with help in return, or just promoting and shouting out about someone you love, people seem to want a sense of camaraderie again.

So today, I’m shouting out the people whose content I can’t get enough of, and whose personalities and creativity inspire me with every tweet/photo/video they post – and if you don’t follow them already, you probably should now.

Megan from Thumbelina Lillie

Myself and Megan are similar souls (we both scored ISFJ on a personality test I linked to so we really do get how one another thinks) but she is honestly the nicest, sweetest and most loved person I’ve met online. I can tell she wants to pour every bit of love and heart and soul into what she wants to do, and the amount of times I’ve cry laughed over her naturally candid and honest Instagram stories is too much to count. Being a total boss the last year, she’s gotten engaged, bought a house, got a smashing job and kept running a smashing blog, all whilst being a true gem.

Lucy Moon

I find it really difficult to find and enjoy new people online, partially because I’m stuck in my ways sometimes but mostly because there are so many people – it’s overwhelming at least. I’d watched a few of Lucy’s videos before but at around Christmastime I really got into her channel, and her videos have the perfect balance of honesty, relatability, and creativity, and what I like is that she can take the most simple of formats and make it interesting or like a real life conversation. She’s one of those people who comes across as interested in everything and can articulate on number of subjects, and I find it refreshing but also inspiring to discover new things past what I usually consume.

Charlotte Goodowl

I BLOODY LOVE CHARLOTTE – I’ve never come across someone so cool, so creative and generally so nice. Fun fact, Charlotte and I were both featured in the same issue of COMPANY as Upcoming Fashion Designer (her) and Upcoming Fashion Photographer (moi) and met a few years later at an event, and since then I’ve only met her one other time but it feels like forever. I watch her videos in complete awe, at how cool and expressive she is, and I just want to put her in my pocket to inspire me daily and let me take photos of her. Her talent for fashion and design is impecible and I hope one day I can sit front row at her solo LFW collection show.

Jemma from Dorkface

Jemma will absolutely lol at this but I remember being so intimidated by how sucessful she is and how much people love her – if I see any more love go towards her I’m pretty sure she’ll have enough to rival Harry Styles, but she’s one of the most humble and hilarious and kind people I’ve come across on the internet. She’s created a community within a community, put her illustration skills to use with a super cute stationery and art business, and still feels she has to do more (Jemma you’re a bloody boss). Jemma you keep me smiling on Twitter and I love it, so thank you.

Kristabel Plummer

Engagement is a big deal with what we do, and I noticed almost immediately how much I engaged and enjoyed Kristabel’s content – I briefly met Kristabel at her Blogger’s Market, and then saw she was echoing similar thoughts of connecting with bloggers on Twitter so I got involved, basically stalking for an update of when it would be so I could get involved, and slowly that turned into nodding along to and liking all her recent content. Like I said, I don’t find it easy to find new people, but immediately I loved her approach to blogging and the topics addressed, and I kinda just want to sit and listen to what she has to say all day long.

I feel these types of post almost got a rep for promoting the same people over and over, and that those who were truly undiscovered found it harder to be seen – I mean, that’s truer now more than ever thanks to algorithms #algNOrithms – but as I said, people seem to be coming back round to that view of ‘hey, so and so is doing awesome, let’s shout them out!’ regardless of whatever number or ‘status’ they have, and hopefully this has expanded your weekend reading and viewing list. If you want to recieve love, you’ve got to show love, am I right?

Happy Friday! x

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