My idea of pure luxury is laying on the sofa draped in several blankets, steaming through a pile of books I’ve been wanting to read and being fully absorbed with what’s in front of me rather than aware of the world’s activities around me. Writing that has almost convinced me to shut my laptop and attempt to get back into the reading zone I had over Christmas, but gal’s gotta steam on!

Despite having an ‘End of Year Detox’ cold, I managed to finish three books which inspired and intrgued me in different ways, and can highly recommend you add to your ‘to read’ list asap…

Bloom by Estée Lalonde
Reading Bloom felt like reading my own life story except the person telling the story is a lot cooler than me. In all honesty though, Estée’s book is one big reassuring and reaffirming hug that despite any obstacle or fear you can make shit happen, and that you can be happy and deservedly happy. I love how it’s presented almost as a collection of essays, it feels so personal and intimate that you feel as though yourself and the words understand one another, which is a magical experience be it fiction or a memoir. I can hand on heart say I could read Bloom weekly, even if it was just one chapter to relate to a feeling, it’s that awesome a book and you can tell even from the cover it’s going to be beautifully curated with images and design, words and thoughts, and I love that you can feel life on every page. Honestly, beautiful.

Capture Your Style by Aimee Song
Whether you’re a serious Instagrammer or casual uploader, this book will really get you thinking about your approach to the app. It’s a nice easy read with varied advice from how to arrange and style your theme to the best way to shoot your brunch flatlay – if you’re an OG Instagram fan then there are parts you can skip, but overall it gave me new inspiration on how to style and present my uploads, and to importantly have fun with outfit shots (which I’m trying to do more of this year!) A must for any Instagram addict.

Sphinx by Anna Garréta
This has to be one of the most unique books I’ve ever read – Sphinx is probably one of it’s kind, a genderless LGBTQ+ novel which explores feelings of love and philosophy and education, all interwined with the Paris dance scene. I’ll be honest, it was a bit of a brutal read but in a good way – I’m always looking to expand my language and use more eloquent words however there were some passages where the text (or thoughts) of the character were convoluted with overused descriptive narritive. I feel like I just made a hypocrite of myself with that last passage, but you understand what I mean? A lot of time was spent underlining and looking up word meanings which honestly I didn’t have a huge problem with as I felt I learnt a lot of words from this, but I feel it can easily make you lost if you don’t fully understand what the characters and tone are expressing. Either way, despite storyline critiques which I don’t want to spoil the book by sharing, the book in itself is very important – it allows you to visualise and understand representation and truly create a story in your mind where you can relate and imagine. It’s by no means a cheery romance, but an educational read at best.

I’ve still got a way to go with my pile of books, but if you have any recommendations, let me know what you’ve been reading recently that you’ve absolutely loved – In the meantime, you’ll find me on blanket covered sofa somewhere cosy…


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