Some things can’t be done by halves – servings of roast potato, cosy Sundays, the amount of contour I need to give my face life and shape, and most importantly hot chocolate. Now I’m very partial to a festive hot chocolate once the season comes around and more often than not pick up a Costa whenever I’m out and about (soya hot chocolate with a shot of cinnamon syrup, in case you were wondering), but there’s always room for extra chocolate and cinnamon in my opinion, which is why I can’t beat my own concoction…

If you’re a fan of full on chocolate and flavour, then this is the recipe for you – it’s almost a meal in itself and will possibly turn you into 90% milk, but it’s all well and worth it.

Recipe (to make 2)

• Milk to fill 3/4 of chosen cup – I personally use hemp as it’s creamier and dairy-free.

• 2 squares of 90% dark chocolate

• 2 Tbsp Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate powder

• 2 Tbsp Green and Black’s Hot Chocolate Powder

• Cinnamon syrup

Simply warm your milk up in the pan, and add the dark chocolate in small pieces to allow it to melt. In one of your mugs, add the powders and a small amount of warm milk to make a paste (this stops you getting lumpy, powdery chocolate) before adding back into the pan to heat up and mix with the remaining milk.

Pour your preferred amount of syrup into each much for flavour and sweetness – I say preferred because I tend to go very hard on the cinnamon, but it definitely lifts the flavour 😉 Let’s say 2 tsps is the optimum, and then pour in the hot chocolate to enjoy by your tree in your favourite mug and become ten times more festive than you felt already.

Mug – Anthropologie

Perfect in a travel mug on your way to work, or to round off a cosy day, or even to reward yourself for finishing another blog post (self-temptation Lauren)…


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