I’ve recently had a desire to start knitting, something resurfacing 12 years after my previous foray into the activity (swiftly discarded after 5 rows because Sims bruh.) Knitting a jumper is hard and requires a lot of free time (which I’m bad at managing recently), but something I can do is embellish, and even more so I can decorate the shizz out of a Christmas jumper.

Cue the perfect evening then – decorating my own Christmas jumper from John Lewis with festive music, food, friends and maybe a few smashed glasses (sorry Natasha), which I was more than down for after a busy day of shoots. With the helping hand of Zoe from Ladybird Likes and moral support of the fab crew at Talented Talkers (they catered me a whole plate of vegan food because they’re that amazing) we were soon embellishing our chosen jumpers with cute ribbons and fabrics all from John Lewis, but obviously the creative genius of us bloggers 😉

I opted for a grey jumper with mistletoe on the front, purely because I don’t actually have a grey Christmas jumper in my already ridiculous collection but even on it’s own it’s a gorgeous jumper – if you’re a low-key festive fan, it’s perfect, but it’s also great to bump up the christmas another level. For my crafty creation, I sewed on little plastic Santa hats, mittens and snowflakes for extra detailing and a twist on the mistletoe – worked pretty well don’t you think?

If that wasn’t enough I decided to attempt elbow patches as they always look cute, but because I underestimated the length of my arms and size of the jumper they’ve ended up a bit lower down the arm, but still look kinda cute and adds a very homemade touch – very impressed how all the colours compliment each other too, a very grey/green/red combo I can get on board with.

In terms of sizing, I’m wearing a 10 which is quite big on me so I’d suggest staying true to size/sizing down depending on what you prefer in fit, but it’s a lovely soft jumper and I adore the littel additions I’ve made – it feels so unique despite being a new release that’s still available!

With all this talk of jumpers, it would be optimum time to remind you that Friday 16th is Christmas Jumper Day so whether you’ve crafted or purchased a new festive jumper recently (heck if you’ve one-upped that and knitted your own!) make sure you’re wearing your 2016 staple to raise money and spread a bit of extra festive spirit before the big day next week – how is that possible?!

Now if you don’t mind, I’m off to consult my big Christmas jumper collection to see what I can attempt to knit for next year – wish me luck…


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