Well we finally made it didn’t we? Christmas has well and truly begun and I for one now feel completely pressed for time and am trying to fit in as many festive things as I can before you can say ‘it’s Boxing Day already?’

I love the festive films, the food (always) and the general decor and warmth of the season, but I mostly love the jumpers; I have been itching to wear mine since October, in public since November and slowly started wearing them around friends two weeks ago (thankfully everyone knows I’m Christmas af and appreciated how festive I was) and it’s fair to say I have quite the collection now – so far this year I’ve picked up 5 new jumpers bringing the total to 8 which means I have enough to look fashionable every day of the week and then some!

Whether you’re looking for more jumpers to add to your wardrobe or are yet to pick up a design, here’s my pick of the best 2016 releases still on offer…

This little tree beauty is via Primark and whilst you can’t shop it online it should hopefully still be available in stores (although we all know how manic Primark can get). If you’re someone who likes a high or turtle neck style jumper, then this is definitely for you – it’s a bit thin so you will need a plain white thermal underneath as you can see pattern and colour through the fabric, but it’s a lovely cute addition to wear to family dinner or by the fire whilst you melt your icy toes into toasty marshmallows.

Okay, I tell a lie – this jumper was from a charity shop so the exact design won’t be readily available, however it is a good opportunity to tell you to check your local charity/thrift shops for fab jumpers! I’ve seen sold-out jumpers from even last year in various shops and online for bargain prices, plus it all helps out an important cause so have a good scout at your local; one thing that is available though is this Marks and Spencer Pudding Beanie which is probably my fave hat ever and makes my hair look bigger thanks to the added height. It’s also blue and festive so 😉

One store I think are absolutely nailing it this year are Next, and mostly their men’s section – I’ve found this year that most places have gone more fun and cool novelty with mens and very simple and classy with womens (which is fine, if it’s your thing) but I really love an in-your-face yet tasteful design hence why I’m all over this beauty – a Blue Reindeer Light Up Jumper* which is honestly the coolest and cosiest jumper ever. The fabric is thick enough that even with a light long-sleeve you feel toasty but is very soft as well, and it comes with constant changing lights on the reindeer noses which are the most festive thing ever (mine have run out already as I think I left them on by mistake, but are easily replaced). If you want a jumper with extra edge and christmas-ness, please buy this, you won’t regret it.

ICYMI it, myself and Ally collabed with Primark this year and made some merch – I’m also joking, because I wish. If you’ve seen our Festive Whisper Challenge video from last year (2016 version coming soon!) then you’ll know this was one of the phrases we lolled over a lot, but in reality it’s just Primark taking inspo from us Christmas with a catchy slogan. This is actually a decent knit weight although one sleeve has started to pull, but it’s warm, it’s fun, it’s a sturdy soft which is an odd explanation but that’s what it is, and it’s also pretty affordable if you have limitied budget (also thanks Ally for buying me this you are a star)

Finally and possibly my favourite jumper is another Next men’s beauty – the Green Santa Sleigh Jumper* which is a lighter weight to th previous Next jumper but equally as snug, equally as high quality and equally not leaving my back until Christmas is over. I honestly have to be stopped wearing this one as it’s translating into my loungewear wardrobe and that’s a land most items don’t come back from, but it’s the perfect cosy, casual fabric, has a fabulous festive print that isn’t too in your face but still says ‘hey, Christmas is here and I am ready’ and you can tell this will last year after year, which is exactly what you want from a gift of Christmas right?

I’ve actually filmed 7 of my jumpers in a quick lookbook that you can watch below (you can also subscribe, tickle the sub button) and if you’re quick, you may be able to pick up a festive jumper wardrobe to rival even mine 😉


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