And, relax…

By relax I mean eating the leftovers of yesterday’s roast with a few cheese and biscuits and maybe a hot chocolate curled up with a book or movie, because that’s what it’s all about now – presents are done, everyone’s energy has chilled out and you’ve probably contemplated a walk but are stuck in your pjs which is totally not a problem.

There’s a few things I’ve been looking forward to catching up on – there’s at least 4 books not including one’s I got for Christmas to read, including The Lonely City and Sphinx, a genderless novel that Jen Im highly recommended and sounds very unique. With all fingers crossed, I’ve set up a Netflix subscription by now and am planning a serious Stranger Things, The Crown, and Series of Unfortunate Events binge among others; there’s always so much current entertainment I miss out on due to not having subscriptions so finally I can catch up with the rest of the world…

Another thing I’m ready to indulge and wind down with is a lot of baths and pampering (come at me Lush sale) – cue long soaks catching up on vlogmas and binge watch TV series amiright? The perfect bath mix for me is Magnesium and lavender salts, Mio Liquid Yoga or Clarins soak and a little bath bomb for extra scent and relaxation to switch off fully and enjoy that tim to yourself. I’ve been topping off a long soak with Lush Sleepy Body Lotion which is a sweeter lavender scent, but equally clings to the skin and keeps you feeling chill all the way to bedtime (or for sitting in bed to do some sale shopping).

Speaking of ways to pass the time online shopping, I’ve been liberal with the face masks once again, particularly Vichy Pore Purifying Face Mask* as it really clears out the gunk thanks to the white clay plus it keeps skin hydrated due to the thermal water base. In real time of need, I mix in Elemis Herbal Lavender Mask which takes down inflammation and redness, plus it smells pretty good too and all adds up to that overall relaxing lavender environment perfect for a Boxing Day nap, wouldn’t you say? 😉


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