I’m guessing you’re currently reading this tucked up by the tree, watching a movie, or snuggled up in bed, because I sure as heck am doing the same right now. Everything feels easy, the atmosphere relaxed yet buzzing for Christmas, the perfect time for being with family and friends.

In the festive season of sharing and goodwill to others, I thought I’d roundup some of my favourite Christmas content I’ve seen from blogs to YouTube in case you need something to catch up on – there’s a little bit of everything so keep that Christmas spirit going with these….

I can’t not mention Anna’s Mince Pies, as not only were they so fun to photograph but are the only mince pies I’ve eaten that I actually like – I think it’s the brandy, pretty sure it’s the brandy.

It may be cutting it fine for present buying now, but Liv and Kate’s gift guides have been incredible this year, not to mention the photography which is too beautiful. I also loved Liv’s Tiffany blue post (obviously) and Kate’s little home update – I need her sofa so bad.

Carrie’s homemade wrapping paper post was so creative and her calligraphy is beautiful that I’d buy anything designed with her writing on! I also loved her Christmas tree post – Carrie’s really been nailing the mix of fashion and life in her posts, I love that whilst they’re showing off a new ensemble you can see a part of her life within each shot.

The Queen of Lists never fails, and Hannah has nailed a mix of festive and lifestyle content this month – I relate to so many of her 21 Moments That Make Christmas The Best post (I’m pretty sure I’ve Instagrammed the crap out of everything Christmassy to prove I love Christmas, and the joy of smelling roast potaotes. Every. Damn. Time.) There’s also her post on lessons learnt this year, which I can only say is the most honest, relatable and real look back at a year. Read it now.

There’s always vlogs and videos that I catch up with and make me feel extra festive as I live vicariously through their days – Vlogmas is always a favourite and I’ve been watching Anna, Lily, Tanya and Zoe’s uploads religiously, and outside the vlogs have been some great ‘main’ videos – Lily’s Loungewear video is perfection if you’re a comfy girl like me (need the tracksuit bottoms), and Zoe’s Jumper Haul and Lush Haul both added several presents to my list and are also relaxing to watch so are ideal bathtime viewing if you need to chill out. There’s also Esteé’s vlogs and her Winter Essential’s Haul plus I was so proud to watch Meg pick up her award in her vlog here.

As well as lifestyle, I’m really into gaming channels and have been keeping up with Markiplier and Dan and Phil’s Gamingmas, so if you’ve got a taste for ‘lols’ and videos games then there’s a heck load of content to catch up on. And lose hours of your life to.

I know as well there’s going to be so much coming out during the holiday period, and equally there are loads of vlogs I’m having to catch up with after Christmas, but hopefully this list has given you a head start of things to scroll if you have a spare minute between the movies and the chocolates and certain relatives asking how your life is – sigh.

Now grab a hot drink and those biscuits you hid for Christmas Day, and start catching up…


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