2016 has been a rollercoaster in many ways; so much has happened in the world both good and bad, and whilst in the grand scheme there seems more to be done on unity and progress again, on a personal level 2016 has been quite great. I’ve spoken more about the past year in tomorrow’s video, but to meet and work with so many people this year has been amazing.

As with every start to the new year, there’s always a few things I like to set out to achieve and I’ve tried to keep it general so to makes things achievable, but even if I can achieve a part of each goal, then 2017 looks like a promising year…

• Grow my photography business
It was great to start photographing professionally last year and I’ve worked with some lovely people, and now I want to more; I’d love to work with a few more clients including bloggers, Youtubers and brands, and to have more opportunities to experiment with my work. There’s a few new bits of equipment I want to invest in also so fingers crossed on that, but my biggest aim is to start planning and trialing workshops to host for bloggers and blog photography! It’s been planned out on paper for months so hopefully something will be coming in 2017.

• Grow my blog and YouTube channel
Equally as important to photography is growing my own opportunities; my blog is entering it’s fifth year (technically, as I deleted all my very, very old embarrassing posts) and I’d love to get involved with more opportunities, sponsored work and brands that I love. One thing I struggle with is finding my place on YouTube and what it is exactly I want to create, so hopefully this year I can finally get into a proper rhythm and make content I enjoy all while hitting a few more subscriber milestones.

• Hit my hair length goal
My hair has grown so much in the last year and I’m close to reaching the long mermaid locks I had when I was 16. The plan is to get it to the desired length, have a little play and then either dye it or cut it, but until then I’m happy with my new-found length and natural colour.

• Exercise properly
In the last few months I’ve really slipped my exercise and I can feel it, so during the Christmas break I’ve tried to start my workouts again and am building up strength again which is great; it’s weird after so many years of disliking exercise I miss the burn in my legs and ache in my arms from moving so much!

• Time management
I feel I just about managed my time efficiently in the run up to Christmas, but know I can do better and slacked off a little while, so with some new planners and better structure to my day I’m hoping to make time to work effectively, get outside and spend my hours a little better.

• Travel
I really enjoyed going to Mexico, Ibiza and Croatia this year, however I’d really love to explore places closer to home – Edinburgh and Scotland in general, Ireland, and make more time for trips and probably just improve general driving confidence on motorways etc. and see friends far away.

• See friends more
Well would you look at that. I think this goes along with time management and just making sure to keep tabs, as I know I can easily slob on a weekend and not want to ‘get tired’ going somewhere when in reality, seeing friends outweighs the exhaustion. I’d like to road trip up to see Meg, Ally, and some friends back home, and make more lunch and coffee dates with people in London that aren’t revolved around meetings!

• Confidence and self-love
This one feels like the biggest resolution to me; the last year felt like a refresh and starting my life from scratch almost, becoming settled and finding my feet. Now I know what I want and where I’m going, I feel it’s time to invest in me more – that means getting my brows done, haircuts, massages, treatments, looking after my skin and health, and most importantly feeling good in my body. I’ve spoken before about my body confidence and this year I’d like to wear clothes that fit me well and show off my figure – I guess essentially I’d like to feel ‘sexy’ and make an effort with my appearance even on a comfy day, so I’m going to dedicate some time to the #1 person in my life. I also want to be confident in talking to other people and not being afraid – I’d like to go to a big event and feel I could go up a group of people and not feel intimidated by our ‘differences’.

• More fashion and beauty
Linking into confidence, I want to feature a bit more of me on my blog and Instagram, and actually take pride on showing what I’m wearing. For ages I said how I didn’t care about fashion but, honestly, I do, I love finding peices that represent me and will last for years, and just getting confident again in front of the camera. That goes for taking selfies and photos of my makeup – my skin has been getting better and coupled with wanting to look and feel ‘sexy’ I need to up my selfie game!

• Be more social
Both online and offline! Sometimes all I ‘tweet’ is scheduled links and I want to engage more, on all platforms – I’ve been so bad at commenting on vlogmas videos and videos in general due to the backlog, but I’ve gone back and left a comment because not only does it help the creator but it can make someone’s day too – and hey, I may just get some comments back myself 😉 I also want to be social offline and like I said, meet up with people but also meet new people too – I really want to expand my circle, maybe even find a photography partner who I can hang with and take photos of one another. I have a lot of social goals, if you couldn’t tell.

• Be more miminmalist
I love to declutter, and I think the less I have the clearer I’ll be – in both mind and storage space. I only buy things I need, that will add value and be used constantly, so I’m going to spend some time really sorting out what I want to keep in my life and then focusing on how to keep life and possessions minimal throughout the year. 5 pairs of pants is enough right?

• Be more vocal, informed and in touch
As seen in the last year, you have to use your voice when given the opportunity. I want to take time to read up on important events, facts and movements, to educate myself better and work on voicing my opinions and questions without fear. I’ve felt scared for many years now to speak up and say what I want or what I think, and it’s time for a change.

• Be cool.
No explanation needed.

I’m sure there will be more things added and changed to this list over time, but right now these are the things I feel I want to achieve most by the end of 2017. To feel good in myself and my confidence, and to feel excited at every possibility coming my way – 2017, let’s be having you.


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