One of the first things I get done on my ‘Christmas is here list’ is putting up the tree – it’s always December 1st, 3rd at a push – and whilst this year was a bit of a rush, it’s been good to finally get the main tree standing and decorated. It makes me sit downstairs more often, makes cosy movie evenings even cosier and festive, and it also puts my symmetry neat-freak into full mode because certains colours and styles can’t be too close okay?!

Instead of just showing you the tree complete (partially because this weekend has been spent me perfecting it rather than photographing it oops) I wanted to focus on the individual decorations that make up the main theme – there’s already the small tree in the kitchen which is decked in blues, whites and silvers (very frozen, very me) so it still feels ‘on brand’ but there’s something about Christmas I’ve said before that makes me go all traditional; I do love the blues and greens, eucalyptus and golds, but heck I’ve been cracking out the reds and it just feel right.

Decorating for me symbolises that Christmas is here and is just levels of festivity I can’t compute; despite being very blue orientated, I do quite like the traditional feel – it’s evolved from full on green, red and gold with very 90’s edge, to gold and deep purples, and finally the dispute of silver and pewter with blue vs reds, silvers and a bit of gold. Luckily this year, we’ve managed to do both – in the kitchen is more of a blue and silver theme (unintentionally Frozen) which works so well with the snow tipped tree (an artificial 7ft pencil tree with snow from Homebase), and is adorned with decorations from Homesense (obvs), Homesense and M&S which you can see here and are hopefully still available!

We’ve also chosen a real tree for the second year in a row now, and I’ve been converted to the smell and look of them including the whole buying process – this year we tried to dig up our own but opted for a pre-cut one because fussy with tree shapes, ours has a big Kim-K butt which is v nice.

As you can see in the flatlays, we’re really rocking the red, white, silver and slightly creamy gold vibe – the white helps to brighten and lift the tree especially at night, when against the lights they reflect each twinkle a little more (saving having to turn more lights on). Despite being quite traditional however, I think the design of the baubles is a mix of rustic, country, opulent and jazzy which shouldn’t work but strangely does, and you know what? I bloomin’ love it!

Now all the tree needs now is a few piles of presents to open 😉 ….


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