Well we’ve made it, the week of Christmas is officially here and I for one am excited for all the festive TV, roasts and time off, but equally sad that the run up and Christmas season is coming to an end. It’ll no longer be appropriate to wear light-up jumpers, my advent calendar will be gone (sobs) and it’ll be a serious mission to try and fit all the fairy lights I’ve bought in suitable places – obviously fairy lights stay all year round right?

Yet, I am still happy it’s here, Christmas being possibly my favourite time of year and I do agree with everyone when they say the run up is the best part; the excitement builds, it’s fun and relaxing to make mince pies and decorate, and just the general feeling is fun to be a part of. Oh and obviously the festive hot chocolates too, they’re pretty great.

Like most others, I’m going to be switching off on Wednesday until the New Year (vom, how did we get to 2017?) which is going to be nice – I can actually enjoy just sitting and watching movies by the tree without in the back of my mind thinking ‘I should probably be doing something’, and also read some books because you know you have serious time off when you can read a book in a day, let me tell you.

I have a lot of plans of the New Year, which will have their own dedicated post, but for the rest fo the week I’m taking it slow and easy, with the usual mix of content that you’ll hopefully enjoy between now and January. Consider this my official signing off post whilst past me churns out all the good ol’reflective content mixed with some other non-festive thoughts coupled with picking up last minute presents and getting footage for vlogmas – who says you can’t multi-task?

All that leaves me to say is that I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, a relaxing time off with family and friends and that you’ve enjoyed the content this year (and still to come) and I’ll see you around….

…now, who’s still got Next Day Delivery available?


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