I’m currently sat typing this by the Christmas tree and feeling 10/10 festive, with one of the above candles burning a cinnamon scented haven beside me and my tummy rumbling for more advent chocolate – it’s a hard malarkey this Christmas stuff ey?

One thing that heightens for me this time of year is my obsession with buying festive candles – candles the rest fo the year feel too warm or too over-powering, but come October and finally December, candles are all I can think about (and all my purse dreads me buying 10 more of). So, with my extensive knowledge and purchasing behind me (I have 8 candles this year, btw) I wanted to share the low-down on a few of my festive faves you can still pick up…

What originally started this festive spending spree was Yankee Candle Cinnamon Stick which I got for Christmas last year, and it burnt beautifully and smelt perfectly of sweet warming cinnamon without being too sweet or baked – I cannot stand sweet candles but this is just perfectly warmed and uplifting whilst bringing a sense of cosiness. One thing I would say is that the medium candle burns much better than the large – as the large only has one wick, it doesn’t seem to have enough power to burn evenly across past a certain point despite having a smaller circumference than the medium candle, however you can get over this by wrapping foil around the outside to encourage heat convection and keep it burning down, but again this only lasts to a certain point when the centre gets and stays hotter quicker than the edges. Other than that, smells divine!

One that is said to (and so far is) burn better than Yankee Candle is Village Candle Red Hot Cinnamon, which is near identical in scent and packaging, but has two wicks in the large size. Now both are the same size and it does make more sense to have two wicks to ‘power’ the burn and melting of the wax at such a height. So far, it’s bloomin’ great and smelt very festive – I’ve had to bring it downstairs to burn however as I have just too many candles to burn but you can find this online or in garden centres – easy peasy.

A little bit more luxurious now, but also a very good stocking filler treat if you fancy; Neom already has a fab range of candles but their festive offerings really smell high quality and less traditional all whilst being super cosy and Christmassy. I picked up the Scents of Christmas pack which contains small sizes of Perfect Peace and Christmas Wish, and the scents do mix a little being so packed together, however they each have a unique smell – Perfect Peace has more of a fresh pine twist to it, almost smelling like a Lush bath bomb that is equally relaxing a spa-like but has a cosy warmth to it (I always burn this before bed and during baths) and the Christmas Wish has more traditional deep scents like cinnamon and mandarin, however has almost a velvety, rich edge which reminds me of rich Christmas pudding; it’s very grounding and almost melty in atmosphere, but a perfect mood-setter for the evening when entertaining – because both are small, they also burn very well and evenly, and buying the duo is the same as buying one on it’s own!

Finally, the peak of Christmas candles – The White Company Winter Candle. I’ve seen people talk about this for years, how it smells incredible, how it lasts for years depending on size, and just how festive it is in design and scent. You know what? They weren’t wrong. So I’m yet to burn them properly (yeah I purchased a small pretty one and a big ass 3 wick, sue me, it’s Christmas) but even from opening the packaging and using the reed version, the quality of oils/ingredients used is incredible; it’s so high quality, very intense, but also smells true to the natural festive smells you associate with Christmas. I’m a huge fan, I’m converted, there is nothing artificial about it and it’s worth every penny, so if you’re still looking for a luxury gift or a candle to make your house a festive grotto, pick one up asap (there’s probably even a code online to get you discount if you’re lucky!)

So many candles, so little time (18 days and counting) so the question remains – what shall I burn next?


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