There is nothing better than a roast dinner – hands down, I think it’s the best part of Christmas, and food in general, because what tastes better than crispy roast potatoes, gravy and veg? Carb overload heaven.

Despite titling this A Very Vegan Christmas, there isn’t much different about vegan roast dinner than the ‘regular’ option – despite no meat, dairy or fish, obviously – you still get all the delicious roasted veg with a few adjustments that equally make your belly feel nice and full and have you rolling to the sofa to watch a movie later on. Perfection.

When I had my Christmas party a few weeks ago, we had a huge feast as we catered for all diets, and even those who ate meat tried the vegan options and said it tasted good so it’s probably the easiest time of year to please everyone.

Our plate looks a little like this: Nut roast – essential, the main equivilent to what would be meat. Slightly more packed than stuffing, I take a larger portion that I probably should do hence an overly carby dinner (no complaints). Another option is vegan sausages with Linda McCartney being my favoured choice – they have quite a meaty texture and taste v good with a bit of chutney. I’m salivating already.

Roast potatoes are the holy grail of roasts, let’s be honest. I personally use Maris Piper, boiling until just soft, fluffing extremely and then roasted in the AGA with piping hot oil and rosemary until super crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle – as Santa intended. There’s also roasted carrots and parsnips in honey and mustard, which is the ultimate combo and the caramalised edges are just too good, and even better when the roast onions cook a little in the honey for flavour too – big ass flavour combos, always a winner.

With all the roast it’s good to have some fresh – there’s usually a mix of broccoli, green beans, peas or sprouts, potentially kale if we’re feeling fancy (helps counterbalance those carbs, yummmmm). One thing that’s always forgotten until the last minute but is so, so vital is Yorkshire puddings – I’m yet to find a good recipe that makes both a fluffy and crispy batter without the eggs, but for the non-vegan family members there’s usually a packet of big pre-made yorkies somewhere and as I said, they always get forgotten about until we’re about to tuck in – thank lord they take 4 mins ey? Also, if you have a good vegan batter mix, HIT A GIRL UP I MISS YORKIES.

And of course, drinks are equally as important – I only usually drink water but at Christmas I might treat myself to some fancy concoction. There’s usually some cordial lying around whether it’s elderflower on it’s own or with raspberry, but recently we’ve been mixing up some of the remaining Fentimans drinks* from the party, mainly Ginger Beer and Muddled Lime with Cranberry Juice – a little bit spicy and fruity, it’s even more festive when topped off with mulled spice juice and is fizzy enough for non-drinkers to feel they’re having something special.

Grab a gravy boat, get your roasting gloves on, and get rustling up the perfect Christmas dinner – maybe save us a couple of extra roast potatoes yeah? 😉


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