FINALLY some truely festive content is creeping onto the blog! I’ve been planning and prepping ideas for ages, making sure it’s 10/10 festive and winter inspired, but the best things are built up slowly right? With that in mind, I thought a peek into my first winter home updates of the year was well deserved and I must forewarn, there’s a shocking lack of blue – there’s just somehting about winter that makes me go very traditional, but if you can’t break the fetive colours out at winter when can you?

Candles are one of my favourite things about this time of year (I bought eight this year, eight!) and I’m currently transitioning from autumn to full on festivity with Yankee Candle Spiced Orange – I’m not usually big on orange but man does this smell good, however after much raving on how well they burn mine has tunnelled massively *first world problem sobs* but it’s a bit more uplifting than straight cinnamon whilst still being quite warming; the same I can say for the White Company Winter Reed but the smell is much more intense and higher quality, you can practically smell the concentrated fragrances of each component without it smelling overpowering. I turn mine every two days max, and because it’s so high quality the smell does cling to your skin after turning so hey, free perfume too 😉

It’s safe to say this little corner is my designated Christmas space, and it’s just so cosy I can’t stop gushing over it! The reindeer is new in from Homesense – they have a massive range of reindeer ornaments, just you wait..) as are the little Kate Spade Confetti Coasters (awesome for props) and the ‘Believe’ art – I don’t usually buy wall art like this but if it’s the right design and illustration matched with the perfect typography I’m sold!

I’ve got a little DIY planned for the framed pieces so keep your eyes peeled, but the Christmas countdown is this season from M&S and althought I love it, the longer you do the countdown for the more difficult it is to get the right combinations as one of the cubes doesn’t have a 3, 4 or 5 – come on M&S, let me countdown correctly *waits impatiently until we’re under 30 days*

I originally picked up the wooden ‘Merry Christmas’ art at Homesense to layer with the ‘Believe’ piece but I couldn’t get the right height and symmetry and I’m a huge symmetry person so I had to split them, but I really like it infront of the print plus the font is BEAUTIFUL – it feels Christmassy without being too cute but just a nice piece, VERY pleased! Also I’ve opted for draping these silver stars on 6ft rope across my mirror for now as I wasn’t sure where to hang them without nailing a massive hole in the wall, but I quite like the effect and makes selfies a lot cooler IMO 😉

Finally in my bedroom are these cushion additions from John Lewis and it brings that blue back in nicely; I have more pillows than neccessary, but these change my usual bedding up and add a little needed sparkle for the season.

I’ve also cracked on with the office – again, a little DIY with the frame coming soon, and I told you you’d be seeing more reindeers! This one again is from Homesense and because I like to keep my desk as clear as possible (always fails) it sits perfectly between my fake succulents and pens!

Have you started changing your home up yet for winter or Christmas? I’d love to hear about your home decor updates!


Items from Homesense were purchased with a gift voucher provided by the brand, however all views and love of Homesense including Christmas are my own!

Some products in this post may have been sent for review or gifted, and will be marked with a * or c/o. All opinions are mine are not influenced by brands or companies. Please see my full disclaimer for more.

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