Those who know me well know that I don’t take that much care in my hair – sure, I wash it as needed and keep it hydrated, but it’s either up in a bun, naturally textured from said bun and down or curled to last a few days of going outside for work and meetings.

You could say that years of throwing everything at it and saying ‘now work’ took it’s toll and it’s only in the last year it’s seen improvement – I’ve bleached it at home and in salons, filled it with product and artifically encouraged growth – but now the routine is down and I’m pretty happy with where my hair is going (south, very much south please).

My hair is au natural now, and to keep it balanced I wash it every 4 days to reduce oil production and use two shampoos from Phyto; Phytoneutre which clarifies the roots and general grime and Phytokératine to add nourishment, almost like the first and second cleanse of skincare when removing makeup! This leave my hair feeling silky smooth and cleaned yet plumped with naturally derivied nourishment, and combined with the Phyto Secret De Nuit my hair has never felt in better condition – as I have a lot of fine hair, it can look thick but greasy easily if I use oils or product often (even conditioner can weight it down and clog) but a few pumps of SDN keeps the ends smooth and conditioned and combed through it adds sleek softness which feels super swishy *swishes hair to remind self*

I promised myself when I cut out all my bleached hair that I wouldn’t touch it with dye until I’d grown it to my desired length *aka mermaid* but if I am itching for a change, I use Maria Nila Colour Refresh in Cacao Intense + Pearl Silver to add an ash/lilac brown tint to my hair, and I have to say it really packs a punch; the brown really deepens the tone of hair and the silver when left on long enough gives it this rich purple/lilac tinge which works beautifully in the colder months, and even better is that this isn’t permanant colour or even semi – it washes out fully in a few washes but continues to enrich colour without damaging hair PLUS it’s vegan!! Phew, is that enough pros?

So that’s keeping all the condition and colour in, but making it look big and fab as I like it takes a bit extra – obviously regular trims are important (that reminds me, I need one soon, probably) – but that means big bouncy curls to fake illusion of volume and texture! I recently invested in Bombay Hair’s 5-in-1 Curling Wand (which I used Tanya Burr’s code TANYA60 on and saved 50% – because it’s £10 shipping so works out as 50% off not 60%, but still HUGE DEAL) which honestly gives the varied curls of dreams! Mainly, I go for 32mm, Pearl and 19mm barrels and they heat up super quick and stay hot for 10 minutes max after shutting off. My hair has honestly never looked better or curlier, and I’ve found using Umberto Giannini Glam Primer Pre-Styling Spray* works amazingly at protxting my hair from the heat and hold the style for longer even after sleeping on it – plus it smells like a LUSH store so what more reason do you need to buy it?

With all that hair raving, I think it’s truer to say I do love my locks, and now I’m inspired to give it a lil’refresh and serious bounce – see you on the (hair)flip-side!


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