For almost a year, I made my persona online one of ‘going outside? LOL! Internet all day plz’ and practically had my phone stiched to my hand all day until sleep, and tbh it kinda sucked.

Is it premature to say a weekend without your phone and internet can really change your mind that quick?

I’m sat typing this because obviously I need a new post up, but the whole time I was getting distracted by social media and ‘oh that old song has resurfaced a memory I must go listen’ and I honestly did more with my day and felt better when my phone wasn’t on my mind.

My mind actually felt clearer too – not worrying what was going on in the world (but also worrying because US Election nerves) – and I finished a book in 4 hours, skipping breakfast to down a huge hot chocolate as prize for reading. I also cleared out two cupboards worth of old boxes and memories which was very theraputic and tiring and also warrented two biscuits as prize because my blood sugar was low after powering through 8 boxes of paper and old stories I had written.

I’m going off course, and making this sound like a biscuit filled weekend which tbh it was 40% of the time.

Since switching my phone back on and going on Twitter, I’ve felt I want to detach more; is there a way someone else could schedule my tweets? Can someone else just do all the internet and phone stuff for me whilst I bake a bit and don’t get distracted so easily and also read and clear out makeup and do face masks – all the things I don’t make time for because I get so easily lost in mundane socialness?

Of course I’m always going to love the internet and the social media aspects it comes with; the photos, the sharing and the connections, but man did two days offline really make me feel free! I cleaned all my brushes, I remade my bed, I batch made farmhouse soup and watched regular TV (for like 20 minutes because ADS OMG) and I still felt I had time and no…requirements almost.

I read Hannah’s post recently on why you should put your phone down and be bored, and I realised that so many times myself I was half watching Bake Off to scroll my feed, making sure my puns and witty tweets were seen in a hashtag and what other commentators were saying rather than watch what Mel and Sue were actually doing; I wasn’t having fun or spending time, I was too absorbed in seperate things I couldn’t commit fully to anything.

So commit I did, and a weekend without technology (only to write this and phone my sister) is something I’d do again – heck I’ll happily work 2 hours a day and then spend the rest of my time with the laptop switched off, phone upstairs, just enjoying other things like making content and then making lunch because that’s something I’ve not done for ages.

Switching off and disconnecting can be hard for me sometimes – there must be another video I could watch, some other update – but it really did my brain some good and I definitely think that weekends for me will be a phone free zone (sorry Instagram, you’re going quiet for a bit), because creating a persona where leaving the internet behind begrudgenly for a little while to do things you want to do isn’t all that fab, and you might just appreciate the activity you do get when you come back a little more.


Photo by Saida, leaves by Ally

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