Show of hands, who likes a good pamper? When I really get the chance, I like to do a few face masks, take a bath, do my feet and paint my nails to feel totally zen and preened to perfection – but really that whole combo is few and far between. I can settle for nails getting painted every week and maybe a face mask if I really set aside time, but the full ‘Bridget Jones makeover’ is a once in a blood moon kinda thing.

Taking that amount of time out in the day can feel overwhelming – how can I get things done? I don’t have the hours! But really you do (you all have the same hours as Beyonce) and one way to make a full day of it is to go somewhere you’re taken care of fully from brows to blemishes to blusher in a convenient amount of time – Harvey Nichols perhaps?

With their new Beauty Lounge opened this summer, the team invited me down to review a selection of services available, designed for on-the-go busy people who just need a quick something between meetings, coffee, or before a fancy occasion. There’s also wifi, so theoretically you could stay there all day getting your nails and hair done whilst doing work 😉 silver lining and all that. I took the opportunity to fully relax and enjoy each treatment, and I have to say the staff were outstanding – there was a slight mishap with one of the bookings which they fixed of quickly and made sure I was taken care of, upgrading one of my express treatments to a longer one to make up for it which I truly appreciated (5* customer service, always a plus.)

But let’s get onto the actual treatments that make you feel 5* yourself – starting off, manicures! There’s a big Nails Inc counter surrounding the central beauty area where you can get an Express Mani or Pedi, the full schbang with gel polish and finish, or go even MORE fancy with a vegan/halal/non-toxic treatment or even a charcoal detox! Fancy booking myself in for the vegan one right now…back to it, I went for a lovely navy-grey Gloucester Crescent polish for a bit more muted autumn vibes and with both the Kale base and top coat my mani has lasted well (5 days and counting), so if that’s not enough to swing even a Maybelline lover like myself over to Nails Inc treatments then what is?!

My nails really got time to dry as I headed to my next treatment at The Light Salon, which I have to say was probably my favourite of them all because I was so relaxed I nearly fell asleep and it made my acne improve after one session (plus both ladies who worked there were SO NICE – everyone was just so nice!) The Light Salon offers a variety of Light Therapy treatments including packages from 3 to 10 facials but also one-off sessions to try first – I opted for blue light to which you can odd micodermabrasion or peel depending on how your skin is upon review, and the blue light penetrates 5cm down into the skin to kill p.bacteria thus reducing inflammation, spots and acne (and your bumps will either vanish or break out, but better out than stuck in your skin!) I’m used to 3 minutes on my Tria device, but settling back for 20 minutes under a big blue light that was so warm, I thought ‘I will not be able to occupy my time for this long!’ however 5 minutes in I started to relax, and then 10 minutes later I could feel myself jolting awake as I had started to doze off! More excuse to power nap in the day when you also get fresh AF skin!

Alongside the blue light is a yellow treatment, where the LED penetrates 15cm into the skin and even works with bone to promote cell renewal, healing and collagen production, perfect for post-surgery and also giving you a bit of a glow below heading off to your appointment!

I really need to get into practise with having my brows done, it yet again being months since having them shaped, but luckily there is a Blink Brow Bar sat right in the middle of the lounge so you can hop in and out with neater brows in no time (5 minutes tops!). I will admit, threading is the weirdest sensation ever – I kept blinking and squinting whilst it was happening, and have to admit the sound of the hairs being sliced against the thread not one of my faves, but hey, my brows look pretty fab now 😉

The last stop was my hair, and I’ve heard so much about Hershesons from others that I was looking forward to my hair being put in their hands – the Beauty Lounge has it’s own mini salon so yet again you can nip in quickly for a 15-30 minute blowdry or re-style, and there is a very hair-swoony menu of styles to pick from. I’m going to be doing a seperate post all on my Hershesons experience, but let’s just say my hair saw some very new heights…

Like I said, I’m not one to go off and pamper often, but after spending the afternoon getting everything done I would definitely go back to the Beauty Lounge again and definitely kick my butt into booking more ‘me time’ treatments – self care is so underrated and with everything from massages to facials to nails in easy navigation of Harvey Nichols, there’s no reason you can’t squeeze in something quick to make yourself look and feel good whilst being in the hands of some pretty lovely staff (I’m still not over the staff!) so thanks again Harvey Nichols for inviting me down, and if you want to see the full list of treatments, click here!

I was kindly offered these services for free in exchange for a review, all views are my own and honestly the customer service was incredible so I couldn’t not review!

Some products in this post may have been sent for review or gifted, and will be marked with a * or c/o. All opinions are mine are not influenced by brands or companies. Please see my full disclaimer for more.

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