My two favourite smells in the whole world are eucalyptus and cinnamon; very diverse ends of the spectrum with the former being very fresh yet relaxing, the latter warming and basically my daily scent goal come October. I never thought they’d work together, but after asking around for cinnamon based products in Lush (which are low this year as orange is in *cries*) they suggested the Wiccy Magic Massage Bar and one sniff later, I was hooked.

I didn’t get how they worked so well together, but rubbing it on my arm to demo made sense – the bar melts down to an oil when in contact with the skin’s heat (basically liquid when it touches me after a bath) and the eucalyptus almost revives the senses and awakens you, great if you have any sinus issues and you can feel the cool tingle a while after! The cinnamon is what lingers, warming the skin and then clinging on top which makes you smell divine all day or night – I’ve even found it transfer to my pyjamas and bedding, not that I’m complaining because it’s very relaxing.

The main reason I love this is because it’s completely saved my skin. This happened a similar time last year, but as soon as it became ‘central heating’ season, my skin flared up with dry patches down my sides and across my chest, a bit red and basically not taking anything put on it. Previously I’d been using a natural oil to moisturise everywhere, but took a chance in trying this on the affected areas and by the following morning, it had calmed down and softened dramatically; three days later it was soft and smooth again, only needed every few days for moisture!

I’ve already gone through one of these and I’ll admit it gets a bit annoying when the aduki beans start to fall out and you can’t massage it in as ‘beans are on the loose’, but it really gives fantastic soft hydration to the skin, smells incredible and is of course vegan friendly! I’d be more than happy with a 4-pack in my Christmas stocking, but make sure to use them after the shower or bath as I’ve read that once those beans get stuck in plugs they start sprouting, so…best keep this one close to your chest 😉

Have you tried Wiccy Magic Massage Bar? Do you have any other Lush recommendations?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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