I have to apologise that this post is a quick one – it’s currently 10:30pm Tuesday evening (cutting it fine Lauren seriously) and have a to-do list the size of my arm – although I did just spend 30 minutes picking the perfect playlist to motivate writing and instead had a Beyonce dance party.


If you caught last week’s Harvey Nichols post, you’ll know I hit up the new Beauty Lounge to try out some of the edited treatments and brands available for quick on-the-go beauty whatever the occasion. Now one thing I rarely play around with these days is hair – it’s either curled or in a bun until washing, so fancy – so getting my hair done at Hershesons was a real treat; in either 15-30 minutes you can get your hair blow dried or styled to perfection, and it was possibly the most relaxing thing ever (anyone else find it so calming to have someone brush and style your hair? Was probably my brain thinking it was getting a head massage…)

Now I’m not adventurous with my hair as stated, so any opportunity to get my hair done I like to go for something unusual – this time it was a proper Amy Winehouse beehive. Backcombing and hairspray hasn’t seen these parts since 2010 however the fabulous stylist got my hair to dizzying heights and managed my hair to look more volumised in 20 minutes than it had in 20 years (kinda) – coupled with my glasses and a little Laura Mercier makeover which went heavy on the cat eye plus a nude coat with faux fur trim, I felt pretty friggin’ 60’s and loving it – if anything was going to get me back into having ‘a look’ it was this rocking beehive.

The actual salon is tucked inside the window of the Beauty Lounge, and is great for running in and out again for a completely new look, and after so much raving from others I’m definitely heading back when I next need some oomph in my do! Hershesons offers 12 styles for blow dry or styling, from loose waves to a sleek up-do, and the price is pretty fab too which makes the express feeling even more snappy.

Again, I have to thank the fabulous Harvey Nichols team fro inviting me along to try the services and for Hershesons for transforming my hairdo and encouraging me to try beehives more often – just send someone over to stroke my hair and give me head massages and then we’ll be fine 😉

I was invited to Harvey Nichols to review their services, this is not a sponsored post but all views are my own!

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