Sometimes (most times) I’m a crap vlogger – I’m really picky about when and what I vlog, heck I’m even a bit crap at sharing enough on social media, but you know what I am? A good photographer, even more so a ‘these will never see the light of day’ photographer because some things the internet doesn’t need to see.

But today I’m breaking that rule to share some ~cool~ things I’ve been up to lately aka the last three weeks because who doesn’t love a nose into some BTS life action in blog format when you didn’t vlog – also I promise not to use ~cool~ again. Maybe. I’ll try.

I mean, you know I’m Christmas AF (need to stop saying that. Christmas Queen? Zoe I’m coming for your brand) and by the first week of November I’d watched Elf and consumed more than a humanly safe amount of Costa Cinnamon Soya Hot Chocolates – it’s the best thing aside from Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate, like drinking a candle! The other week I actually did a go large or go home act and went for a LARGE hot chocolate over my pushing it medium; oh man, I was 99% milk for three days. That’s the longest gone without hot chocolate also.

I’ve also been on the job a lot this month – the run up to Christmas means everyone (including me) wants content ready to go so they can relax during the festive break, and I’ve done some really fun, fab shoots with some still to be released; there was Anna’s What I Eat in a Day post and Zoeva Palette review (I now want it, problems of working with a handcore influencer) and recently working with Chiara on starting her blog – I adore these pink photos, some of my favourites! OOH, and also, I photographed Lily and Anna for their jumper launch this month which is for LGFB (a fab cause) and I can confirm the jumpers are super soft so go buy one if you haven’t yet.

(P.S. if you want to work with me as a photographer you can get in touch above!)

Obviously, the coolest of cool stuff I’ve done recently is my Very Early Christmas Party, in which I had christmas was my closest friends a good 5 weeks before christmas. Talk about being keen. But it was one of the best evenings ever – I started decorating two days before (yep, these photos were never meant to see the light but, here we are) and picked up an affordable pencil tree from Homebase to decorate all blue and sparkly #onbrand – can you see I’m chuffed?

I’ve got lots of content up already featuring my christmas finds and on How To Throw The Perfect Christmas Party, and more party related posts in the coming weeks (also actually including a vlog of the night, but spoilers), but the real facts are that I’ve never cooked for more than two people really, let alone a roast – did I mention I’m vegan, Elle is coeliac, one eats meat and the others are vegetarian? That is one multi-task in the oven but we definitely cracked it! I also spent 30 minutes drawing my liner out in eyeshadow before applying so that it looked perfect all night, and debated the seating arrangement way too hard because thankfully everyone liked each other. Also, I don’t think I ate breakfast for two days because I felt so excited and stressed at getting all the food right and decorations and party bags prepared, but hey, that’s what a hostess does right?

(me after the party)

It was also the first time since moving I had all my friends at my house at the same time – a YEAR that took, a YEAR, but it was worth it. I had such a lovely evening with Saida, Meg, Elle and Ally and cry laughed at Cards Against Humanity, felt at one with everyone as we said ‘yeah let’s have 4 roast potatoes’ and so glad that everyone could enjoy the food. I find it every time my friends come to visit, they just relax – it’s like as soon as you leave the city this becomes the closest thing to a spa except I don’t massage my friends shut up. We do offer comfy beds, big meals and quiet surroundings though so that counts.

Finally there’s my latest work with Anna; we shot a few exciting things last week including her Winter Capsule Wardrobe Update and nailed the ‘bag swing’ – it makes all photos look 10/10 and also discovered mild pepper humous still has a warm kick to it over lunch. Always a balance of food and work 😉

And that’s all the ~cool~ for today folks, I’m not sure how often these will be but I really enjoyed writing this all out – it feels more like a diary and personal insight but in a fun way, so who knows!

For more ~coolness~ you can follow all my social, and I’m almost at 1000 subscribers on YouTube so go subscribe if you want to see more BTS and Christmas stuff 😉 Until then, stay ~cool~


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