I spent the last week doing something I rarely practise anymore – wearing makeup every day. For a week. Not the biggest shock horror in life I know, but I’m more of a twice a week ‘put on a face’ kind of gal.

During the week, I tried to vary the makeup used but found myself being drawn day after day to my first MAC quad, and also one for my first ‘proper’ pieces of makeup. It’s the perfect combo of brown shades to suit any occasion, and I’ve since decided this palette is my ultimate palette – The One, the palette I hope to god I’ll hit pan on in my lifetime so I can feel a sense of achievement or something. They say you can never have too much beauty, well….

First there’s creamy Brule which I use to brighten the lid and is a pretty good dupe for Pale Barley minus the shimmer, perfect low maintenance blending too; for a bit more natural depth or ‘your lids but better and less red’ I love Wedge, which is an apt name seeing as I wedge it mainly at the crease and blend it across for natural depth and colour.

To build up the smoke, Corduroy – a more reddish toned brown – works perfectly in the crease and blended out, but also dipped in a bit of water to create a natural liner that softens the lashes; speaking of lashes however I’ve really got into eye shadow liner, and have been taking Mulch (what a name, I imagine swampy brown not sparkly bronze!) on a flat square brush and lined under my lower lash line and along the upper lash line for a subtle but defining finish to the eye look, making my eyes look bigger and more striking without the harshness of a precise black liner (just whack it on, doesn’t matter if it’s messy!)

If you’re more low maintenance makeup, then I think the MAC quad is a great option at picking wearable shades for every occasion and know you’ll use (sorry other palettes) and even with regular use they last such a long time before hitting pan – now if I could only use up the rest of my makeup as much…

Have you made your own MAC quad before? Do you have trouble finishing up your makeup?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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