If there’s one thing I like to justify buying, it’s photography props; literally anything these days comes under that bracket which means I’m justifying all purchases (including the silver sparkly reindeer I got last week and patterned papers, oops).

I find the best way to inject a little personality or narrative into my photos is props; whether it’s a colour theme or pattern, shape or related objects, little additions that add character make images much more eye-catching than simply ‘plopping’ everything down. As we get to the time of year where everything has seasonal touches and more colours and textures, it’s the perfect opportunity to do some prop shopping and I’ve found a few new additions to my collection to give you some photography inspiration…

Backdrops are something I change up often to reflect what I’m shooting (either white-wash wood, plain colour paper or patterns to add jazz) and one of the more beautiful backdrops I’ve found came from the Christmas section at John Lewis – this Vivid Helsinki Screen Printed Wrapping Paper beauty not only smells incredible when you unwrap it, but the quality is second to none. For £6 you get two unique patterns (one marble and one more striped) and it’s pretty big too so you can shoot from far away (huzzah) and afterwards you can wrap at least two medium sized presents in it (double huzzah!)

Also Christmassy are the Winter Berries Tissue Paper and Abstract Leaves Tissue Paper – not too thin it fades into the background but bold enough to add some texture and atmosphere (if berries add atmosphere). I think these work best for single item shots as it gets too busy otherwise, but a solid colour against these look fab, plus by playing with depth of field you can add subtle dimension to a photograph!

Speaking of contrast, sometimes a backdrop and product/item look great together but the clashing pattern or colour makes it look a bit off and needs a layer of separation, and I’ve found the Kate Spade Gold Spotty Coasters so useful as well as eye-catching. They’re great for small items like lipstick or nail polish, and for £4 in TK Maxx it was a bloomin’ bargain, but anything like this which you can place items on whilst keeping a fun background or even plain and use them as the main detail really adds a simple touch to photo styling.

Finally the cheapest option of all my new props – leaves! It’s the perfect time of year to catch crisp but golden toned leaves to add into photos or dry out for later use in the year, but nothing says autumn like redish/gold leaves creeping in from the corner of the camera to add a big hint that this post is autumn themed, plus it really adds life and texture which I find makes people connect more to what they see.

Now that halloween is passing over, I’m really getting into the Christmas themed lifestyle so expect to see a few of these additions on the regular – also if you have content requests, give me a heads up in the comments below! What you waiting for, let’s go prop shopping…

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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