Obviously the most important thing when considering a holiday is food; yeah is the weather good, where’s the pool is also top, but it’s only when I travel out of the UK or my usual haunts do I remember ‘oh I don’t eat dairy, meat or fish, or eggs. What do?’

Trip Advisor usually helps with Google Maps on Street View to pinpoint restaurants, but I was honestly lacking in real suggestions for places to eat even vegetarian as not many places uploaded menus online. So I did some sleuthing, found a few possibilities and then decided to wing it by exploring when I was ravenous. Surprisingly it worked, and I found not only some amazing vegan friendly places, but also restaurants that were very accommodating to dietary requirements!

Vita Health Food Bar

This is placed directly opposite the catamaran, so ideal to pick up snacks pre or post journey! Open from 8am to 8pm, this vegan friendly cafe offers a variety of juices, smoothies, salads, sandwiches and wraps that are very satisfying – I had at least 4 Green Lantern juices (Apple, Ginger, Lime and Mint – fabulous) and 2 Green Sandwiches, they were delicious.

We only had one negative experience there which kinda took the place from a 10/10 to a 9, but for food and variety it’s the best thing for freshness and plant-based foodies!

Green Goddess Cafe + Shop

Another vegan and dietary friendly haunt, the GGC serves fresh juices and fresh daily meals which you’ll never get twice. Small but fab, and directly opposite is the Green House shop, where we picked up some uhmazing gluten/dairy free cookies (taste like oreos, gone in minutes) as there wasn’t a dessert in the restaurants to enjoy. Imagine your local health food store and you’ve got everything in there – I spotted gluten free cornflakes, oat milk, Kuzu powder and Spirulina. You are pretty much sorted.

Pizzeria Kogo

Now on TripAdvisor this place got a little knocked, but honestly? The food was amazing and great service – it’s an average London price with exchange rates, but not extortionate and very good food. I think also an issue was 7:30-9pm it’s very busy so no tables, which is very common with every restaurant in the city so keep in mind (aka eat early, and long). On our first night we wanted something easy and carby and hey, wha’s easier than pizza?

I have to say that this was authentic Italian, and when we asked about dairy in the bread and if we could have no cheese, there was no judgement and a lot of help to provide information (because even in the UK, you say no to cheese on pizza or in anything and you still get some looks). The pizza rocked btw, 10/10. Located on the main square too in a line of other restaurants, it’s great for people watching and seeing the sun set over the hills.

San Marco Restaurant / Marco’s Wine Bar

We settled on Marco’s Wine Bar after deciding to eat late one night and everywhere was full. This is why you don’t eat late, because you spend more time walking and reading than eating. I jest, as again, top service and lovely options were had! I feel this was one of the more expensive meals which maybe knocks it down as we didn’t have a lot, but it was a good change to usual pizza – I had vegetable and quinoa soup which was a nice light option after a late lunch, and the bruschetta was delicious. The restaurant and bar is set high up above the square which again makes it fab for people watching, and the staff were great at advising on food allergens and being generally attentive. Also, possible the best bruschetta btw 😉

Caffe Fig

Located an alley way two restaurants down from Pizzeria Kogo (which btw when you walk up at night, you think you’ll die as it’s so dark and kitchens back onto it, sorry) you’ll find Caffe Fig – a vegan friendly cafe open until late which serves a mix of breakfast, delicious chicken wraps (as Scarlett told me) and an amazing vegetable and houmous platter that I had twice in one day. Because vegetables. Oh, there’s also free wifi too and they play Travis!

Think of it as the Bills of Hvar, except the ingredients really taste a lot fresher and flavoursome – great for escaping the bustle and noise.

Posteni Restaurant

After a few snags trying to find a certain place to eat that promised brandy soaked figs, we opted for an Asian place on the main square but were coaxed instead by the staff at Posteni. Again, very gracious and accommodating at providing dairy free food, so I got to enjoy a vegetable risotto for a change! Obviously the menu had so much more on offer including seafood which the island is famed for, but the service and care from the staff makes this a definite to consider.

Hopefully if you’re considering Hvar this helps you out with a few food options, and maybe I should start scouting out more UK places to eat Vegan, undiscovered dives and all – what do you think?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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