During my time blogging, I’ve seen a fair few posts about growth, numbers, gaining followers and how to better your social media – some written by myself because, gotta get those hits right? They’re popular, they offer good advice, but nowadays with algorithms changing left right and centre, it’s becoming more a game of beating the system rather than producing content in a relaxed fashion.

So I decided to throw out the strategy.

The strategy being one me and many others I’m sure have been trying to keep up with – regular posting and commenting to make your content look more share/viewable, regular uploads, chatting and joining chats, I could go on – and I’m kinda over it.

I’m not the busiest person in the world, but busy enough to feel that rushing a video up for the next day is the last thing I would enjoy right now, that I just need something, ANYTHING to Instagram (even a two week old blog photo) and trying to reply to comments and comment myself on people’s blogs taking hours away from me when I want to do a face mask and read a book to switch off.

I’m tiring myself out writing this all down. Mad right?

I’ve cut down to one video a week for a while, just to give myself a bit of freedom and enjoy the process of planning and filming videos (sure enough, I’ve had more fun and less stress), I’ve stopped vlogging and trying to make vlogs happen when there is zilch going on except me clearing out my sock drawer again – sometimes I just don’t want to vlog! Most importantly, I’ve taken a break; not a straight-up ‘going on a break form blogging’ but from the stress of it all.

I’ve taken weekends off, no work or blogging unless I have some hours I’m happy to squeeze in but it’s rare as I like to spend time with loved ones, have days out, read books, paint my nails and change my bedding. I know, high life. I’ve stuck to three posts and one video a week which allows me to do my photography work and editing around them easily whilst being able to line up other work that makes me motivated. I like having time to catch up on YouTube, The Office USA, things I would always wis I could be doing.

In a world of algorithms and sharing, I’m working it out for myself; sure I still worry often about posting an Instagram at the wrong time, using the wrong hashtag, not chatting enough on social media, but I’m enjoying my jam right now. It feels fun, easy, manageable yet still motivates me to think and produce more (I’ve already come up with 7 video idea which is pretty fab!)

Back in January I wrote this huge 4 page list of how I was going to grow my social media and use posting times, hashtags and other things to get me to a certain number by the end of the year, and now I’m nowhere even close to following that. Maybe it’s a self-inflicting cycle where we all think we need to be doing something because everyone is doing it and better whereas really we’re all fine, but since throwing in Control-Planning Lauren’s schedule, I feel pretty damn good and have been able to do more good too, which works out well for me 😉

How do you feel about following a social media strategy? Do you have planned posting and schedule times? Or are you pretty chill?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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