I have a little obsession with decluttering – yep, for someone who isn’t overly tidy but still likes things neat and organised, I am addicted to decluttering everything from makeup and skincare to clothes and cutlery. In a dream scenario, I’d sell everything and start from scratch, picking and investing wisely, having enough to cover all situations but not too much I become lax on washing things to use again.

It started small years and years ago, the dribs and drabs of seasonal switchovers, getting rid of striped black and blue tights because after 4 years, I’m probably not going to a halloween party (nor one where they take it seriously) and RaRa skirts which were a mistake. A mistake. It was mainly when I reached 20 that I looked at my over-bulging wardrobe and two-drawer makeup collection that I really wasn’t using this stuff, no matter how much I convinced myself or let others convince me ‘you might need it one day’. It was god damn therapeutic, years of memories and ‘I’ll try to use this’ gone in the bin – cut-throat, just the way I like it – and final kicks of ‘yes you know what these jeans ARE too big despite the comfy cotton touch, I’ve hiked them up at least twice in 10 minutes’ forcing final items I’d clung to into the bag.

I’ve been overwhelmed by how much ‘stuff’ I’ve had – doing what I do I get skincare and beauty sent through a lot, and on top of what I want to buy myself my drawers look like a game of Tetris, so by indulging weekly on some decluttering I’ve learnt to love and use what is left behind.

Sometimes, it takes a few weeks or months to finally ‘get rid’ of an item – I clung onto MAC Myth for about 4 years because it was the first MAC lippy I’d owned as an 18th birthday present – but when I really think about it, it becomes easier to part with items that didn’t get the use they deserved and know what remains will last and last.

My current goal? To have one lipstick of each shade, potentially in one formula too, so that’s one brown lipstick, one nude, one red, one orange, and one cray to the cray, in a matte, liquid and creamy formula. Sure, there have been some exceptions due to testing and ‘not in season’ but it’s looking a bit more refined and not so much guilt for passing over certain shades for others (although let’s not start on palettes because I think I’ll be 40 by the time I hit pan on some of those SOB, second goal: finish palettes)

I think the art of decluttering (so very Marie Kondo) reflects the art of decluttering the mind; every time I feel stressed, unmotivated and sluggish, clearing out a part of the house or workspace makes it easier to see clearly, to tidy in general but also to focus on what I want to do. I’ve also just remembered I seriously need to dust my bedside table which will be equally grim and satisfying. To see everything in organised piles, shelves, collections, buying drawer separators and labels, makes feeling like having less is really having more – more things you’ll definitely use over and over again, that last longer and that will keep you satisfied longer. Can cutlery keep you satisfied longer? Who knows.

Now I need to go make some room for autumn jumpers and bedding, and if you ever need someone to help clear your stash, you know who to call 😉

Are you a fan of decluttering? Do you hoard items with memory? How often do you clear out things?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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