Firstly, apologies for the more lifestyle, personal heavy posts on the blog this week, there will be a drop of beauty and baking here again soon. Secondly, the fact I’m apologising is exactly why I’m writing this post.

Content doesn’t need to be groundbreaking.

I say this mainly to myself with love and reassurance but also to you who is fretting whether content is basic, varied or good enough to share. There is a big difference between filler and pillar content, and a lot of the time it seems it must be pillar or nothing, and I completely respect that because if you can aim high and produce 9.9/10 content x amount of times a week, can you give me some of your brain please? But seriously, I’ve done posting daily and posting 3 times a week, and I sometimes get to end of a week’s content and think CRAP I have NOTHING interesting to put out for the rest of the month.


Which isn’t true. Because there’s always something, I just don’t think it’s something. I’m an all or nothing kind of gal, in the sense that if there is meant to be a post, there has to be something, even if it’s a ‘love-letter to a blusher which doesn’t feel me but we’re going with it anyway’. I feel there is this overwhelming expectation to have a thing, a style, that when you’re nominated for an award or signed up to an agency you bio says ‘Lauren is the blue-loving blogger with a passion for skincare and self-help books and when she’s not taking photos she’s still trying to find out what exactly she is doing on YouTube and uses pillow spray a little too liberally at bedtime.’ I mean, that’s just a jumble.

Should you always be putting out lifestyle or beauty? Should it be both? Do people or myself really care about that lipstick review? How do I do photography tips without crossing the line of ‘I should be charging you for my knowledge’?

Yeah, I try to vary my content as best as I can, mixing up some beauty with food and life, and that’s the niche in itself I guess – I’m just doing what I like. There’s no luxury or budget theme, I’m not a pastel or a storytime vlogger, it’s just stuff I like. I’m trying to do more of that in my life generally, like signing up for a fashion illustration workshop, reading more, heck buying skincare because I love skincare and treating my skin (heck treat yo’self!) and I do like being a bit quieter online sometimes because I’m enjoying editing for other people – I just love editing. Maybe that could be my bio.


Next time you think your content isn’t groundbreaking or varied or ‘OMG WOW’ enough, if it makes you happy and is something you’d drop into casual conversation with your mates, talk about it! If it’s not right for someone, they’ll skip until you’re next post when they can’t get enough, but someone and you might like it, so do it anyway 😉

It’s okay not to break the ground, whether you tread on the cracks or hopscotch your way to monthly content, lay off yourself a little and produce as much as often to whatever level you choose.

Are you a worrier when it comes to niche content? Do you skip posting if it’s not good enough?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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