After many phases of skincare, it’s safe to say that natural has been the best for my skin; flashbacks of face wipes at 9pm after 3 too many hours on MSN, and very astringent 3-step systems that made my skin worse – shudders.

Over time I’ve found my thing, primarily a routine of just using one thing rather than 20 of everything, but mostly using more natural and skin friendly products that keep my skin happy whatever is thrown at it. I’ll admit also that not all natural products suit my skin, I’ve had instances with very natural products causing reactions, but knowing you can easily find a range of brands as an option to treat your skin is fab, and that’s where Beauty Expert steps in.

I only recently got acquainted with the company (a sister site of HQ Hair and Look Fantastic) and even more so some of the brands they represent, but it’s fab that everything you could want beauty wise in the natural/organic/cruelty-free category can be found in one place, housing both luxury and affordable brands.

Being the skincare junkie I am, I’ve loved trying a few of the brands and even a few products I’ve had my eye on for ages – Pai Roeship Oil for starters which I always talk about, and Omorovicza’s Oxygen Booster, Thermal Cleansing Balm and Deep Cleansing Mask (I adore them and my bank balance hates me) – and more so learning the techniques behind the brands, in particular something REN stated about how they added frankincense to their day cream as it triggers a relaxing response in the brain, making you feel a bit more zen in the mornings 😉

Recently Beauty Expert launched Rose Collection, some the best rose infused products from top brands brought together to help rehydrate skin and also explore the science behind skincare, and I personally found them a huge help with a recent dry spell in my skin; the ARK Conditioning Oil is one of my favourites that I use twice daily, and the Korres Japanese Rose Gel makes my morning very fresh indeed.

There’s so much more I want to try from Beauty Expert, and with a lot of mine and my family’s favourite skincare brands all packed into one place, a long long wishlist will surely surface at some point. Until then, I’ve got an Omorovicza mask calling my name…

Have you heard of Beauty Expert? Do you prefer more natural based products?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

Products c/o Beauty Expert, however all skincare loves my own!

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