It’s so easy to get chained to the desk and let the arrival and departure of summer pass by without making the most of it, doesn’t help when you get annoyed by flies disturbing your lunch though. It was during a rare extended lunch break that I ventured out to the garden and unexpected 27 degree heat (why bother going to Croatia with heat like this ey?) that I realised I’d been missing out on summer.

I don’t know whether it’s because it was hit-and-miss, I was too busy to notice, or I was too slow to plan anything, but September rolled around and I was stumped how my weekend by the beach was still yet to be booked, picnics were not had and BBQs certainly missed. Autumn hasn’t officially started, it’s still summer, and I feel we automatically jump (myself included) into jumper season and forget it’s typically English weather to get hot all of a sudden in September, giving us the last breaths and moment of summer (minus the extra kids in town).

There’s still an excuse for ice-cream as a mid-week overheating cure, to keep the windows open for cool breeze in a hot living room, and yes there may be darker evenings but at least it’s cooler and cosier to sleep than the usual height of summer 😉 Plus, that weekend away is still very much on the cards, you just need to jump on a last minute deal and GO FOR IT (this was aimed more at me, but if you’re thinking of that beach break on the coast, go do it!)

The garden still looks bright and blooming, just with a tinge of orange and gold, and now that everyone has gone back to school or work you can sneak off for a picnic with pals you’ve missed all summer, enjoying the quiet before everyone comes out for lunch break or end of school. You’ve got an extended bit of paradise, so make the most of it while you can – work outside, have lunch in the sun, get ya’ legs out, take a book out in the afternoon and watch the sun set! What ever you do, give English Summer that little bit of needed appreciation and stock up on Vitamin D and warmth before the autumn really kicks in…

Have you appreciated summer this year? Are you excited for autumn? Any last minute holidays?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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