It’s been a while since I’ve really gone off on one about Korean beauty, mainly because now my days are spent telling Anna what to buy, that I’m forgetting to use up my own stuff whilst living vicariously through her. There are worse problems 😉

Seeing as it’s been nearly a year since I picked up some of these products, I thought I’d give a few more thoughts on what I’ve gotten use out of, what I’d buy again and which I’d happily pass along.

Let’s start with the loves and skincare up; after a long break, my love for Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule has been rediscovered and it’s probably one of the best serums I’ve used. My skin switches from dry to it’s own combination of I don’t even know anymore, but this serum always hydrates and balances the right amount and keeps my skin feeling super smooth.

The first Korean product I tried was Nots CC Cream* and it’s more of a tanned/summer colour on me, but the formula and coverage is great – it has SPF 50 and an almost medium coverage which is buildable especially with a second layer. On good skin days it’s one I turn to along with cushion compacts, and if you love a dewy finish, this one definitely gives that glow.

Speaking of cushion compacts, I think one of my favourite formulas and finishes has to be Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control, which again has a natural dewy finish too it but also helps preventing the skin from getting too oily. Cushions are great because you can buy refills to top up the compact and they fit easily in your bag, and I personally love that there is a more diverse range of paler colours with more yellow base to them which suits me perfectly through winter and summer.

For things I’m trying to get more use out of, I’d definitely have to say the Missha Time Revolution Essence and Innisfree Sheet Masks; I’ve only just recently pulled the Missha Essence out again and popped into my morning routine to see how it helps with hydration pre-winter, but it’s a lovely light watery formula that sinks in slowly and really works in deep (it’s also just as good and half the price of SK II). I’m all about a face mask but usually prefer clarifying or thicker hydrating masks, but I do have a fair few Innisfree masks left over – they are cruelty free and have a lovely serum soaked within, it’s just more remembering to use them once a week to get through them all. You do get a lot of product left over, but if you’re dry or need a bit of glow, these do the trick!

Talking of thirsty skin, when my skin turned super dry a few months ago, cracking back out the Laneige Firming Water Sleeping Pack really did wonders to my face overnight; going to sleep it was dry and tight and flakey, but in the morning after using this, it was smoother and softer, more manageable to wash and not as dried out as before. Definitely one for dry and dehydrated skin types!

In terms of makeup, well I do wish I’d gotten more use out of the Innisfree No-Sebum Primer – it really does keep extra oily areas matte and help makeup cling for longer, but as my skin flits between normal and some dry areas, I’ve been skipping past it over more hydrating bases. Again, cruelty-free and probably one of the best primers I’ve tried for longevity, so I won’t be knocking it off just yet 😉

Finally a product I’ve personally not got along with, The Face Shop Pomegranate + Collagen Emulsion*; it’s similar in fluidity to an essence but closer to a serum, and whilst it softens and plumps the skin I just didn’t find it did much to my skin overall and was an unnecessary step in addition to other products. I think if you had normal skin and need a little boost, this could work well, but for deeper hydration and glow I think there are better and more penetrative products on the market to choose from.

A mixed bag if you will, and I still do believe that certain K-Beauty products make life and skin a lot better (non-smudging mascara any day!) so maybe I’ll have to dive back into some research and plan another haul… 😉

What are your thoughts on K-Beauty? Have you heard of any of these brands?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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