I’ve recently started taking probiotics to help my skin regulate (more on that in this post and another coming soon) and one of the weirdest thing I’ve taken enjoyment from is the fact my skin is so dry. Yep, I am digging the dry skin – a common part of acne that I’ve read up on says that the hormones cause the skin to thicken which leads to those deep bumps and skinned-over spots that are lil’terrors, but taking probiotics has kick started a process of my skin flaking and shedding like never before. Sounds gross, is in fact good.

So now that my skin is clearing up, it’s time to tackle the dry and this means oils, serums, more oils, moisturiser and, oh, oils. I do love a good oil 😉 I’ve rounded up a few of my favourites to use when the dry, dehydrated patches get a bit much and keep the skin balanced all day and night…

I’ve mentioned Pai in my recent New-In Skincare Post, and the Camellia and Rose Cleanser* has been a fab gentle option for keeping my skin hydrated at night, plus it smells divine too. It removes a lot of daily grime and scraps of makeup (making it an ideal second cleanse) whilst the camellia calms any redness and rose helps soothe any dehydration.

A serum I’ve gone back to is the Missha Time Revolution Night Ampoule – a nice thick consistency that absorbs easily, leaving just the right amount of bounce to the skin that hydrates from the surface to deep within the skin. I’ve been eyeing up Kypris Antioxidant Dew as it does a similar sounding job, but hit me up with your other hydrating options!

I have a few favourite oils but as a good all rounder for hydration as well as pigmentation and scars, Pai BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil* is a fab option; natural, cruelty-free and vegan friendly, two drops will easily nourish and inject the skin with life, plus the orange tinge from carotene gives you a healthy glow all year long!

Moisturisers and serums are where I’ve been lacking, but I’ve found a few gooduns and some honorary mentions that may help depending on your skin type; for the mornings I’ve settled on Aurelia Probiotic Revitalise Day Moisturiser which helps seal in serums and oils whilst adding a top protective layer to hydrate and soothe any severely flakey areas. Not only does it smell divine, but as a whole the range is one of my favourite for an indulgent reinvigoration and calmness. For the evenings, I’ve gone back to Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream which is a fun green shade and oil-free so if you do have any acne or a more oily complexion, you’ll still get a boost of hydration without too much slip. I find on top of evening oils, this is enough to keep my skin soft until my morning routine, but light enough not to wipe off on my pillow!

Other moisturisers I’d highly suggest are both from Kiehls, the first their Ultra Facial Cream* which if you pick up a special edition in partnership with MTV, donates £10 to helping projects to support women across the globe. It super light so perfect for the day, whilst retaining moisture in the skin for longer! If your skin is super super dry however, I’d suggest trying Kiehls Ultra Facial Balm which is like a thick blanket of nourishment; I found this gave a really intense amount of moisture, however on my skin Shea Butter doesn’t sit well so I had to switch to another cream, yet if your skin isn’t sensitive (probably more normal/dry) then I would highly recommend you try!

Finally some masks, and ones I would happily slather on every day for cooling, calming, hydrating goodness – an old time fave comes from Antipodes Aura which is bloomin’ great – it smells fresh and spa like, like a true treat for your skin but is light enough to work deep without clogging pores. Sometimes, I have to put two layers of this stuff on because my skin was that dry, but so so worth it; another mask I usually layer it with or use alone (hey, sometimes we go cray) is Laneige Water Firming Sleeping Pack, a mask a picked up a while ago in a Korean Beauty haul and had forgotten about because I wanted to regulate my skin first before layering on new products, but yanno what, this stuff rocks! It’s such an odd texture, a near-solid jelly which when touched breaks down into water, and your skin seriously drinks this stuff up. It’s an overnight treatment too so if you want to go the whole hog and leave it on, your face will look pretty plump and soft in the morning!

Now I’ve talked myself into applying more moisturiser, but have you tried any of these products? What are your dry skin saviours?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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