I have days (cough, several days, leading to weeks sometimes) where I just want to do nothing; it’s not so much the lack of motivation, I just can’t get my brain over the hurdle and feel I need to give it some space and a rejig before I can make it do a job properly. On one such day, I wrote a list of the things that make my day feel better and head clearer (and yes I am doing said things in-between of writing this, because I’m heavily distracted when I want to do nothing) and after tackling quite a few, I’m feeling open-minded and ready to get going again, especially after a long Bank Holiday weekend…

• Watch a tonne of YouTube
And by that I mean The Office clips (I finally ordered the boxset so I can actually invest in character development cough Jam forever) or completely losing hours to missed videos, rewatching some of my favourite series of game play or movie trailers – that’s a big time consumer let me tell you.

• Reading books
I love reading books, I just have to convince my brain it’s okay to switch off and compute reading words over typing for a few hours first. I have a book I’m trying to finish at the moment, but a late night Amazon order happened and now I have 8 new books to get through. Yeah, that’s a lot. I do find reading refreshes the mind, so if there’s something to get me going again, it’s a good ol’read!

• Kick back with a movie
Film and TV gets sidelined a lot – aside from GBBO, because you always need to watch GBBO. I’d rather catch up with my subscription box than trawl the guide, so on those rare occasions I find a film I like or have free time, a movie usually wins. This week I’ve watched Trainwreck (hilarious) and Bridge of Spies (diverse) and there are still films at the cinema I’m yet to see (movies y u so expensive?!£$%@) but it’s nice to take 2 hours out in the afternoon to see something different, you know? I’ve even started buying DVDs of my old favourites to get me back into watching again!

• Treat yo’self
Despite a face mask and manicure taking around an hour, I always find it pushed back because ‘it takes too long’ and I could do something else in that time, so if I’m sat struggling with nothingness, I pull myself up and crack out the pamper kit. Clarified and top-coated to perfection, it’s amazing how a little care in appearance changes the mood.

• Plan plan plan
Usually when I want to do nothing, my head is full, buzzing with too much conflicting information, so the best thing to do? List, plan, write it all down; ideas, thoughts and more, get it all out on to paper and usually the nothingness becomes a bit more relaxed. The struggle between my brain trying to do something whilst wanting to do nothing makes it difficult, so emptying your head gives you a bit of space to enjoy and chill (and use your pretty stationery, obvs).

• Make nice meals
I don’t know how you feel about this, but when I’m on my usual work focus, cooking a nice meal usually comes bottom of the list. Sure, I love food, but editing/writing/doing work and trying to cook a dinner and a nice lunch all feels too much. Yes, this is where meal planning comes into action, but that bit of free time allows you to cook up something a bit extra special to enjoy – my fave is Enchiladas, or Red Dragon Pie; so hearty, so yum, and so worth the extra time spent!

• Cleaning
Accepting the nothing day for what it is, cleaning is something that gets me focused and feel easy again; this past week I’ve chucked out more makeup and skincare, donated clothes to charity and started to focus on minimising what I’m not really using and replacing what I do most. Also, dust-free dressing table is always better than a foundation-smudged one, and just an hour tidying and putting all that stuff you’ve left out away makes you feel lighter and more energised for a relaxing day.

What do you like to do on a nothing day/week? Do you feel guilty sat around or do you enjoy being free as a bird? How do you get your mojo back?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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