• Waking up early without an alarm after 10 hours sleep, feeling fully refreshed and zingy, ready for the day.

• Making the perfect amount of breakfast that fills you up for hours and that you’re able to east clean from the plate/bowl, packed with protein and balanced goodness.

• You are motivated to exercise, and even try one extra round to really push yourself and feel pushed.

• The weather is warm enough to wear a t-shirt (and keep you out the dressing gown) and maybe work outside; the garden looks lovely in the Summer and it’s like our own private Kew, especially in the afternoon sun surrounded by all the flowers and plants blooming in season.

• A nice email lands in your inbox, taking your day/week/life in a new direction.

• You get to make lunch at a reasonable time and it’s actually decent (not beans on toast) and again filling, satisfying, beasty and delicious enough to have it again

• Turning the computer off at 5pm, because you really don’t have to do any more work and you can actually relax for once.

• Washing your face early, but starting a long process where you do a bit at a time; 5pm you cleanse and do a facial massage, 6pm you apply serums and let them soak in until 7pm where you apply oils, and then at 8pm you massage in a cream and feel all hydrated and clean from the day and easy for sleep.

• Cooking a delicious main meal from scratch (but if y’all gotta use ready made ragu you go for it) that sinks your stomach into the chair, topped off with a little sweet treat. I’m thinking enchiladas.

• Taking time to spend the evening with family or checking in, just relaxing with a movie.

• Having time in the evening to read a book, do some yoga, catch up on blogs/YT but mainly books because I NEVER HAVE TIME.

• A text from a friend, mainly with quick wit but also planning fun things.

• Post. All the post. I like getting post.

• Happiness from stirring awake to falling asleep.

• Having time to bake and cook, on top of work.

• Seeing every day as perfect in the grand scheme of everything.

What is your perfect day?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

Thanks to Ocean Loans for setting up the campaign for Summer Polaroid Project and providing the camera – this is not a sponsored post.

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