If you clicked on this link looking for something cheeky, then you’re sadly mistaken; the only cheeky thing here is the possibility of picking up these nude nail polishes in a Boots 3 for 2, giving yourself a pretty nifty bargain for something so pretty.

July was officially my month of nudes, and damn did I find some beauties; I swear by Maybelline Super Stay Gel Polish, it lasts for over 7 days and has an amazing opaque colour in 2 coats (3 if it’s a new formula but dries super quick) and two shades I’ve swapped between are Second Skin, a more pink and, well, skin tone nude that is so easy to throw on and make any outfit look classy, and keep your nails looking tip top, and Modern in Mauve which is a little bit more grey with a hint of lavender brown but really makes those nails pop with healthy brightness and again, effortless and a modern classic.

I’ve not had the best history with Essie but in a recent Boots offer I picked up Spin The Bottle which surprisingly has a better formula that I’m used to and a nice pink nude hue; it is a little bit too pink on the spectrum for me but I prefer this on my toes for a little spruce up and to be honest it lasts better there than my nails, fetching 5 days decent wear with a top and bottom coat.

Despite August being a colour-fest in term so of nails so far (I’ve even worn a dusky raspberry pink shock horror) these nudes will always have my heart, and I don’t think it’ll be long until one of them is back on my nails again….

Are you a fan of nude nails? What is your favourite brand?

Lots of Love,

Lauren x

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