I’ve never thought fashion was my forte, mainly because I’d freak out when I had to plan an acceptable outfit for mufti-day at school that would make me look both cute and cool – because that’s what it was back then, a way to prove and show your cool edge to those who might see you as the weird nerd girl (looking back, you rock that weird nerd girl Lauren!)

There are still times I over-worry and stress about my outfit, mainly due to the weather messing us Brits about or ‘have I worn this too often already?’ but nowadays I’m pretty chill and confident in my look – since throwing out all the clothes that didn’t represent me or no long held love and joy in wearing them (this got very Marie Kondo very fast) and creating a capsule wardrobe, I’ve been able to focus on the pieces and styles that reflect me, my personality and what I know I’ll get wear from.

Sunglasses – Quay Australia | Top – See by Chloe via The Outnet | Culottes – Mango | Sandals – ALDO

When Gemporia got in touch about their new ‘Fake Nothing‘ campaign, it got me thinking about what the term meant to me and my style, and really fake nothing means presenting a persona that is authentic to you. As I said before it’s dressing to reflect your personality, your passions and your interests; it’s knowing what you love and not being afraid to mix it up and show it off – clashing monochrome patterns with blue and white striped culottes? I’ll take that!

See my style is pretty mixed – I love having staple basics that are high quality but also picking out unique pieces I can mix, mash and clash, which I think comes from having a strong creative personality and career. Most of my style comes from bloggers and Pinterest, and I can’t deny Tumblr back in 2011/12 had a huge influence in breaking me out of my ‘dress to impress others’ vibe and let me feel I could experiment. Whether it’s blue, grey, silver or white, striped, graphic or just a beautiful statement piece, it’s guaranteed to end up in my wardrobe.

Similarly with fashion, accessories play a huge part – I’ve gone through everything from necklaces and bracelets to big hoops and fingers covered in rings; nowadays I stick to rings as I find they can be both delicate and expressive (especially if you flail your hands about like I do) and I adore the uniqueness of Gempoia’s range especially the Stattuckite* and Turquoise* rings (now on sale AH) which are always on my hands no matter what, and are always a strong talking point that perfectly extends my style.

How do you Fake Nothing with your style? Where to you draw unique style inspiration from? Have you shopped with Gemporia before?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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