It’s been a while since I’ve shown parts of the house and after lots (and I mean lots) of reshuffling and new additions, I thought it was only fair to give you a few peeks into my space across the blog and YouTube channel.

A few months ago I switched around my bedroom dressing table and drawers, which let in much more light and made my walls feel a lot less ‘furniture heavy’ – it’s now easier to see my face in the morning for makeup and I can put up some nice frames for decoration too.

The dressing table itself is a West Elm Mid-Century Mini Desk which I got via John Lewis and modified with handles I picked up in Homesense. It’s a lovely desk albeit expensive but felt it was a long-term investment in furniture (although being white it marks easily so not one for foundation) and matches quite well with the IKEA Hemnes series!

As you’ll have seen in this week’s video, I keep all my current makeup in the dresser and it’s feeling a bit more organised – the A/W pieces have moved over to my white wooden drawers and now I’ve got more than a fair selection of lipsticks, plus a few shadows and palettes I’m trying to use more, but generally the dresser drawer is a great size to hold my most used makeup, brushes and few nail bits too.

Now I’m a fan of a few knick-knacks and having some styling going on, so I mixed up an LSA Vase with some fake Wilko flowers (ikr, but I can’t be trusted to keep real ones alive, plus hayfever) and a few staples – a cute grey L coaster from Anthropologie which holds lip balm, hand cream and a refreshing spritz for my no-makeup days, a bowl for ‘things I’m just throwing in’ bits from Homesense, and a room spray from 58 Lifestyle which has a really nice refreshing zing of coriander and Green Mandarin balanced with Ylang Ylang. A blue injection is always needed and I picked up the large blue tile from Homesense, whilst the small coaster is one of four from a pack I found at Jaba Yard in Brighton (the dreamiest place!) You can’t say no to pretty things 😉

Whilst it’s not my dressing table, I thought I may as well show you the top of my drawers now that there is room for decoration – you’ll have seen my wall prints in this post, and they really add life and colour to the space along with the various pots and candles I’ve kept out – there are plenty more candles where those came from – and I really love the mix of blues, turquoise and *shock* pinks running through this side of the wall.

As my room catches a lot of light in the afternoon, the walls and reflective surfaces really help illuminate the space more and it’s a really relaxing place to unwind and paint my nails of an evening, and I’m so happy with how it’s looking now! As I said, more home updates are coming so keep your eyes peeled…. 😉

Are you a home interiors addict? What do you think of my dressing table setup? Where shall I show you next?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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