Dear Skin,

I refer to you as a separate entity, seeing as for the most part of our time together you’ve just kinda ‘done your own thing’ and that’s cool but now, I want us to work as a team. I may even throw in our long-time pal Body in with this too, seeing as she’s having some struggles also and I think you guys get along well, and maybe you can work something out.

What happened? What happened that caused you to flip out and play dirty with me these last few years (mostly the past year) – did I do something wrong? Was I not eating enough greens? Drinking enough water? Using the right skincare? Was I stressing you and Body out too much? Why oh why did things change from the odd hormonal spot and yellow-head to full-on freak out?

I know, I know, we’ve sat down and tried to have this talk several times before, but it feels as though my feelings are landing on deaf ears, or maybe I’m just not hearing you right. See I know things haven’t been excellent on the inside and Body is going through some stuff that maybe I should get checked out more, but I’m trying you know? I’ve been vegan almost two years and cutting out dairy was supposed to help those spots you produced go away and keep you clean and pure but you still make a fuss (plus I’m so used to this diet I couldn’t eat meat/dairy/fish even if I wanted to) and I drink so much water, and I’ve purchased every bit of acne clearing skincare I can find, yet something still doesn’t seem good between us.

I’m tired of waking up with deep bumps under my skin, of you making my skin thick and hard in places so spots get trapped and sore, I’m tired of my skin being blotchy where I try to release pain because you got angry again, and I’m tired of you and Mind conspiring together to make me want to hurt you in spite of progress.

It’s been getting better though – I’ve started taking probiotics and you seem to like that although Body seems to have had a hard time adjusting; the dryness is a new thing, I’ve never seen my skin so flakey and red, but for the first time it gives me chance to indulge in rich creams and serums which I’m totally okay with – are you okay with it though? I think so, I mean, I’m pretty happy that in the last week 3 of my deepest spots finally reared and vanished thanks to the skin flaking its thing (sorry, was that TMI?) so I think you’re happy too, even if there is some severe red dry tightness going on. I hope Body catches up soon too, it would nice to see us all on the same level again.

Anyway, as much as you trouble me skin, you are my skin, my responsibility and my biggest organ. As much as you care for me, I have to care for you. I can’t keep poking and prodding to make you ‘look’ better and you don’t want me to to ‘feel’ better, and Body for her sake I hope she finally gets answers, but let’s all work together for Mind’s sake, our sake, and give ourself the fully functioning, healthy, clean body we deserve. I know deep down inside of you, you want it to, so let’s cut the blemishes and induced cycles and work on being an easy, healthy and happier version of us now. Does that sound like something we can do, together?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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