It’s that time again, where several boxes of beauty goodness turn up on my doorstep all at once and I go a bit stir crazy because ‘YAY MAKEUP’ but also ‘omg I have no space in my drawers I just cleared all this out!’.

Yes beauty boxes can lead to a lot of minis overflowing your samples drawer or with so many ‘I’ll use this box again another time’ piles that your family think you’re building a fort, but you always find a few gems – this month’s Look Fantastic offering has a good mix of products I instantly want to try, those I’ve come round to, and that which I know others will appreciate; firstly Benefit Goof Proof which was part of their huge launch this season will be put to the test as I’m looking for a decent Anastasia Brow Wiz replacement (love a twist up product) and you can never have too many bobbles even though the plastic Miti ones scared me at first but can confirm, hair stays in place even through 30 jump squats. Thumbs up here.

I wasn’t sure about This Works’ Camera Close-Up but on further research (ahem I read the leaflet) not only does VB love it but it contains natural ingredients and is a handy 2-in-1 size for busy ladies or holidays! The rest of the box is good but know it’ll get passed onto those who will use them more – the Nuxe oil is lovely with a hint of sparkle but it’s already been eyed up by my mum so she can have it (lil’treat) and I’m not really one for frizz anymore so will be passing on the Kebelo Anti-Frizz Cream Serum, and again a great 2-in-1 Lip and Cheek Stain from Bellapierre but I’m just not feeling it (and sometimes you don’t but another might) so it’s made residence in my spare beauty drawer for pals to dip into when they visit.

(P.S Look Fantastic’s Subscription is on offer for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months!)

It’s been a while since Love Me Beauty was featured, and I seemingly got two months of beauty bags at once but hey I got a sweet ass blue pouch so who’s complaining?! Again, a few instant yes products – I love the Cailyn Extreme Matte Tints and this very pink is surprisingly a new fave (I’m not usually one to rock such a baby shade but it’s more chic and youthful then the colour makes out to be) and you can’t say no to a classic red polish especially from OPI – will be using this once I break my nude streak of polish, whenever that is!

The Pixi Beauty Sleep Cream was an interesting one at first but after much deep blog reading it seems pretty cult with some and also contains Vitamin C amongst other goodies which help renew the skin so, anything renewal really makes it into the ‘try’ pile! The other Pixi products (their Fibre Mascara) probably won’t get used as I like long voluminous lashes, along with the Yes To Carrots wipes as I just don’t use wipes anymore (flashbacks to 2010) and the Caudalie Vinosauce Moisturising Sorbet just isn’t what I prefer on my skin – but I’m sure others will appreciate!

Other than that the Caudalie Glycolactic Peel is being kept as backup to my Sunday Riley, and the Lord and Berry Eye Shadow is a very nice khaki gold shade that will look beaut in Autumn, so keeping it tucked up for now until the new season. Finally there is Argentum, which honestly I’ve not heard of before but navigating their website, sounds interesting indeed, so who knows – new favourite cream?

Beauty boxes can be hit and miss depending on what you like, but I do think a solid 70% of both peak interest and of course the beauty of Love Me Beauty is you get to choose what brands you want, but Look Fantatsic are getting better with each box so either choosing will give you something fun to try (and what’s better than makeup on your doorstep?!)

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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